Sunday, February 24, 2013


Here's a pretty short and sweet entry. Yesterday, I went out with Yasu and otto to our local H-MART. I wrote about my "haul" on my OHP's blog, but here's a review of one of the products. This is a face mask by PUREDERM. As you can see, it's the Kiwi Yogurt Pack. I bought it because (thepricewasnice) I love kiwis, and I'm always in the market to try new face products.

The package is relatively easy to open; it will require some effort to pull open. Unless you use scissors, then hey, snip snip. The first thing I wanted to know was how did it smell? Nothing like kiwis. Not a damn thing. It wasn't wholly unpleasant. It reminded me of the bubble solution that comes in the little containers with the bubble wands.

You have to be careful not to squeeze too much of the solution out into your hand. You don't need much. It goes on smooth, and once you massage it on your face, just sit and wait. It takes about five minutes for it to really set in. I waited about two Toby Turner Minecraft videos before washing it off.

To be honest, my face doesn't feel as smooth as when I use my e.l.f. cleansing powder, but it still feels nice. The major upside of this is that, my face still feels moisturized. So in contrast to my e.l.f. cleansing powder, I can see why I'm not as silky, silky smooth right after.

I really like this product, and I would definitely get this in a bottle, pump, or something of that accord. For now, I'm going to stock up on H-MART's supply of these and get my cleanse on. I'm pretty satisfied with the amount of products I have right now and the quality of them all.

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