Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Virtual Realty is Stranger than Fiction

Or perhaps, it's more amazing. Consider this to be me gushing about the future of technology, my expectations, my excitements, and so on.

Due to how things have shaped up in the past two years, I haven't been as up on tech news as I used to be. However, I still catch wind of some things every now and again. This time, I learned about what is essentially the manifestation of my dreams. Believe me or not, but virtual reality is something I've always desired as a kid. Along with my hopes to pursue genetic splicing and help setting an academic foundation for giant robots, of course. You know, kid dreams.

But thanks to Dan aka Nerd³, I'm feeling particularly emotional.

Here's Dan's video on Tilt Brush. Underneath the cut, I'm going to start crying. So I hope you're ready. Hand me some tissues and bring a few bottles. It's been rumoured my tears have regenerative properties. Or was it degenerative? Can't remember – take a gamble.

Friday, April 22, 2016

It's Okay: No One Has to Die!

Moving woes! I'm the closest thing you'll get to a nomadic life… I hope. Also, I have enough rants about writing to keep you all satisfied for the next year, I swear, but no excuses!/more on that later. I want to talk to you all about a game I played earlier in March.

no-one has to die. was created by StuStutheBloo. I've heard about it for a long time, but I never took the chance to actually play it. The image above is the starting screen. No title, no splash screen. Just this. Simple. Beautiful. And here is the actual size of the title screen.

It wasn't until last night at way too early in the morning that I decided to give it a go. I am really, really in love with this game. It's very short. You can play it all in about thirty minutes. As you can see, you start off at the very top and then you branch out with the various story lines. Playing as just one of the characters isn't quite enough, and it's definitely worth it to get the full story.

I always started watching other people play it, but I never watched a full let's play. I probably watched the first two or three minutes of game play, and I finally decided to just jump right into the fray myself. I'll admit, it wasn't what I expected. I thought I would be able to play just one path and be done with it, but then I got sucked into it. I became interested in the characters, and I, as the player, felt like an actual part of what was going on.

It's awesome! The game is short and sweet, and I walked away with a great impression of this all. I got to learn more about the characters and felt my opinions of them change as I played. I definitely recommend this game.

Check it out and form your own opinion of it. Play on Kongregate, on GameJolt, or here on Newgrounds.