Friday, February 03, 2017


I've been gone for a while, but this time, I have an excuse! One: I've launched a Patreon. It had a kind of soft/quiet launch, so I haven't promoted it past twitter and (kind of) tumblr. Second: I've started a new series! That's right, my dear friends. GDR finally has a new series called Rec·Comic·Dations, in which I talk about comics (print and online) that I enjoy. No negativity, just good ol' goodness. So let's jump into this first one.

Long Exposure is an ongoing webcomic about a nerd and a bully who are forced to work on a class project together. The story revolves around them developing super powers after an incident at a strange research center, and finding themselves followed by a mysterious car, overcoming personal challenges, and (most importantly) discovering how gay they are for each other.