Monday, April 29, 2013

Rooster Teeth + Monty Oum Present RWBY

When I first heard about this project, I was already excited. I've grown to love Rooster Teeth over the past couple of years, and I've been a fan of Monty Oum since his Dead Fantasy releases. And oh, I don't even want to talk about the greatness that is Red vs. Blue. I've just been a just so amped about any project to come out of Rooster Teeth. This is no different.

Red, White, and Black have so far been revealed. I was amazed by the Red trailer when it first debuted. The song in the White trailer is stuck in my head. Seriously, it's a wonderful thing. As shown by the poster, the protagonists are strong female characters with different abilities. With the Black trailer, honestly, I wasn't as impressed. It looked as though the protagonist Blake was overshadowed by her companion Adam. Though if overshadowing is some sort of foreshadowing, then I'm waiting to learn more. All in all, I'm stoked as always. You should watch the three trailers and share which one you liked the most. I'm really digging the action of Ruby's trailer (the Red heroine).

Give your support on the official RoosterTeeth homepage as well. Also, you can look at some of the RWBY art on Monty Oum's deviantArt.

Don't forget. Tell 'em GDR sent you.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

OFF (game) by Mortis Ghost

Sorry I've been gone for so long. Things have been insanely hectic, but I want you to know that I'm back with a new review. This time for the game OFF.

This game has been circling around tumblr for the past couple of weeks, and the fan art had gotten me really interested in it. What really sold me is the fact that it's a French game. Any chance for me to use my beloved second language wins a place in my heart.

OFF is a French indie game created by Mortis Ghost. Players control a mysterious man called The Batter, whose only mission is to purify the three zones of their ghosts. OFF is a puzzle based game, and throughout the game, players meet the different characters in this strange world.

I really like this game. A few minutes into the game, The Batter acknowledges you the player by name, insinuating that there is a constant yet unspoken acknowledgement of the fourth wall. That instantly made me appreciate the game. Without giving too much away, I suggest getting into the game, especially if you're fond of puzzles and some strangely heartbreaking moments. I'll leave you with this note:

The Wizard of Oz will never be the same again. Download OFF for Mac and PC.

The PC link directs to the fan run OFF forum. Have fun looking around!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Most Beautiful DEATH in The World 千の魂と堕ちた死神

Just like the talk of the last musical, this one is spoiler free, but if you can read Japanese (or cheat and find the meaning another way), then you can guess the turn of events within this production. There was a minor casting change this time around. Ciel was played by Yukito Nishi (JN: 西井幸人) and Baldroy/Bard is played by Dai Iwasaki (JN: 岩崎大). Minor changes, big difference I think. Yukito plays a more age-appropriate Ciel, though he's incredibly baby faced. There's nothing wrong with that; I just think that's absolutely adorable, really. Dai is just as energetic as Tsuyoshi Koyama, his predecessor. Again, with casting, no problems. Though Finnian's make up got on my nerves, but that's another story...

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Yes, My Lord~ That Butler, Friendship || その執事、友好

Let's talk about this musical, shall we. This is going to be a relatively long post since there are quite a few things I really want to touch on with this production. In the very beginning, Tanaka opens the house with the play etiquette: turn off phones, be courteous to your neighbors, enjoy the show, such on and so forth. But as he starts to repeat himself (oh, Tanaka), Aberline runs out and gives more detail onto the show, its plot line, and adds a little comedy.  

The actor plays an older, more eccentric version of Aberline, which I think is better for this adaptation. It'd be a pity to see the young investigator cut down so early in the play. The plot line for this play occurs just after the Noah's Arc incident. There's a blank panel within the manga in which the entirety of this play occurs. Better believe it. This is some grade A plot squeezing they're doing.

Sunday, April 07, 2013

This Too Shall Psycho-Pass.

I have to admit something. When I first started this anime, I hated it to all hell. There were so many disagreeable tropes that all rested within the naive, consistently odd-looking main character, Tsunemori Akane (Akane Tsunemori for Western style). I didn't like her; I didn't like the way she acted or moved. In fact, I liked everyone but her at first, and my dislike of her was so uncharacteristically vehement that she was actually ruining the anime for me. But for some reason, I continued on. The plot and the surrounding characters were good. By the time I got to episode 8, I had to stop for outside reasons, but when I came back, I treated this anime just like all the others I've seen.

And that's when Psycho-Pass really came through for me.

Monday, April 01, 2013

Writing is a Thankless Job

This is one of my opinionated rants, I suppose. I'm going to take the floor, and it's not important whether or not we agree or disagree. I guess I just want to use this as my public soap box—to get this off my chest and finally be done with it.

But yes, writing is a thankless job.

What I Use: puush

Image courtesy of the puush home page.

I remember when I first heard of puush. otto was actually the one to tell me about it. I've been using it for years now, and it's another one of those programs that I have to have when I move to a new computer or restart everything.

puush is a free-to-use screencap app that is available for Windows and, thankfully, for Mac users. The app comes with set shortcuts that users can modify themselves. By screencapping a select item, an entire or desktop using those shortcuts, the image is automatically uploaded; a link is generated and added to your clipboard for instant pasting action. puush also has it so that users can click on the arrow and quickly browse their five most recent uploads. But all is not lost!

By registering with puush, users have their own accounts, so all of their uploads are automatically saved to a gallery; pictures can be added to folders or even deleted. Everything is so convenient and automated, and I'm glad that puush is a part of my daily computer usage. There are times when the server is down, but I've no problems with that. Sometimes; they never tell you when it's going to be down for maintenance, and sometimes the server just crashes! But hey. It's a free service. I use it a lot, and I love it. Once my income becomes more promising, I'm going to happily donate to them. They've made my blogging life much easier.