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The Most Beautiful DEATH in The World 千の魂と堕ちた死神

Just like the talk of the last musical, this one is spoiler free, but if you can read Japanese (or cheat and find the meaning another way), then you can guess the turn of events within this production. There was a minor casting change this time around. Ciel was played by Yukito Nishi (JN: 西井幸人) and Baldroy/Bard is played by Dai Iwasaki (JN: 岩崎大). Minor changes, big difference I think. Yukito plays a more age-appropriate Ciel, though he's incredibly baby faced. There's nothing wrong with that; I just think that's absolutely adorable, really. Dai is just as energetic as Tsuyoshi Koyama, his predecessor. Again, with casting, no problems. Though Finnian's make up got on my nerves, but that's another story...

Even the shinigami were perfectly added. They got the perfect guy to represent William's harsh looks and proper demeanor. Takuya Nagaoka (JN: 永岡卓也), what a guy! I mean, really, look at him.

(gif created by neextra!)

In voice and demeanor, he really does embody William T. Spears. That's not all, but I won't go through and gush over the individual members of the Reaper's District. I could, but as stated, that would be a detailed entry for another time, yeah?

The musicals are a bit more whimsical. The dancing is actually pretty extraordinary on the part of the reapers.Those guys really know how to break it down. Also, there's a sultry little number sung by Grell (Takuya Uehara/植原卓也). There's nothing sexier than a guy confident in who he is, because Uehara does an impressive number for scenes in a negligee. Kudos, my friend. I can say that the comedy is executed a bit better in this one. Maybe because it's the second production, and everyone feels so comfortable with each other and on stage. Whatever the reason, it really amped up the players.

Despite the comedy and the outrageous intimacy/relationships (both romantic and not), this is actually a beautiful and painful story. Once things start to become serious in the play, it really draws in the viewer's attention. It becomes a story of friends and loyalty, of love and loss, and even betrayal! Much like the first musical, the loss doesn't truly personally affect the Phantomhive household, and Sebastian feels little sympathy this time around for those who are loss. Guess that's just because there's some bad blood between the two races. Species? Ah, either way, the plot is a keeper deep down. Don't let the sly cut aways and singing fool you. Though the singing is amazing. I have a few favourites that are really stuck in my head, namely Sebastian's hauntingly beautiful (and morbid) serenade.

Curtain call was just as charming as the first. This time, there was a dance number included, and since the stage is much larger than the previous (it's three tiers high!), the entire cast is huge. I couldn't tell you how many people there are, but wow, the numbers really have improved. And perhaps because I have a weak heart, but the final “Yes, my lord” moves me every single time. I can't explain to you why, but I'm always awe-struck. I get goosebumps! I guess there's a reason behind it, but it's so silly that it's pointless to share it. But I will reveal this!

Please go see this musical. I watched it raw, so I only caught onto some really good jokes my fifth time around. Again, if you get the chance, watch this musical in your given language, and do try to buy the DVD if you can. I've got my eye on a copy that has both the first and the second packed together. I've some hopes to acquire it if at all possible.

And that's it! Just a reminder that the play will debut at Akasaka Act Theatre in May; tickets went on sale March 24th. There will be a second showing of the play will also be performed at the Umeda Arts Theatre in June; tickets went on sale April 6th. I wanted to take this time and correct myself! Apparently, there won't be a third musical! I'm actually not disappointed at all. I tried to find a negative, but I haven't found one yet. I'm hoping that this will be a “spoke too soon” moment, but we'll just have to see.

I was a little distracted from the prevalently new cast members, and a part of me wondered how they were going to bring back deceased characters! It all makes sense now, really. And I'm glad that it's just another revamp of this currently musical. That being said, I have my worries due to the recasting, but I hope I can see it and give it my honest review.

Until then, later, guys.

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