Sunday, April 28, 2013

OFF (game) by Mortis Ghost

Sorry I've been gone for so long. Things have been insanely hectic, but I want you to know that I'm back with a new review. This time for the game OFF.

This game has been circling around tumblr for the past couple of weeks, and the fan art had gotten me really interested in it. What really sold me is the fact that it's a French game. Any chance for me to use my beloved second language wins a place in my heart.

OFF is a French indie game created by Mortis Ghost. Players control a mysterious man called The Batter, whose only mission is to purify the three zones of their ghosts. OFF is a puzzle based game, and throughout the game, players meet the different characters in this strange world.

I really like this game. A few minutes into the game, The Batter acknowledges you the player by name, insinuating that there is a constant yet unspoken acknowledgement of the fourth wall. That instantly made me appreciate the game. Without giving too much away, I suggest getting into the game, especially if you're fond of puzzles and some strangely heartbreaking moments. I'll leave you with this note:

The Wizard of Oz will never be the same again. Download OFF for Mac and PC.

The PC link directs to the fan run OFF forum. Have fun looking around!

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