Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanks to Solus Lupus.

I've been pretty active on The Blogger Programme, getting the chance to scope out new businesses and other bloggers. I admit, it's a little overwhelming with everything else I've been planning and doing. So I come to you with this rather impromptu review.

The owner, Paris, is a complete darling, and we exchanged mails back and forth. I'm glad that we had the chance to talk because I've been interested in Solus Lupus for, I want to say, a few months now. Their items are incredibly minimalistic and neat. I've been itching to try things out, and so I got a chance to buy my own product.

It came to me yesterday, after a few day's travel. As you can see in the picture, the pillow box is a bit beat up. Quelle dommage as I find pillow boxes to be incredibly cute. Huuu. The part that made me smile was the handwritten note at the end of my receipt. Very, very sweet.

They're supposed to be above the knuckle rings, but since I have delicate anime fingers, it's impossible for me to find anything that fits as it should, but thankfully, I can still wear them as regular rings. I spent a solid $10 on these rings, and I was thankful to receive these.

The year's almost over; the holidays are closing in fast; and I've a few things planned for the following year. It's been rough and ridiculous, but thanks for being here throughout the blog's growth. Hopefully, by the New Year, I'll be ready to lift the veil and start things anew.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Juuuuust The Last of Us♪

Things have been incredibly slow around here, haven't they? Through the back and forth nonsense, I've managed to collect myself to talk about a game I really enjoyed.

The Last of Us is, from start to finish, a beautiful game. From the atmosphere to the character development, I feel like Naughty Dog really spoiled us this time around. The undead characters are frighteningly fantastic. There aren't numerous special infected nor are there too many 'boring' creatures. They're all, very honestly, amazingly creepy. And games like this usually make me wary to play, but this was good.

Despite all of the undead shenanigans, the truth of the matter is that humans will still be our greatest enemy. We know what the undead will do — they have a one track "mind", but humans are wild and unpredictable, and the more cornered they are, the more of a wild card they become. But the relationship between Joel and Ellie is probably one of my favourite things. From what I remember in playing it, there's little to no romantic structure in this game outside of the almost familial love between these two. It's a really dark game, and it's wonderfully orchestrated in all of its madness. I've breathed my sighs of relief. I've screamed and yelled at it. I've jumped away and completely abandoned the game for a little while, but it drove me on. Because it's gritty and bloody and sad and amazing.

The Last of Us is available for the PS3, and honestly, I think that it's a game worth playing in all of its hype. It's truly fantastic.

Monday, November 18, 2013

We All Need a Little Will & Grace.

I know that I've been gone a little while. Inspiration hasn't hit me this hard this much. For the past two months (or so), I've been rewatching one of my favourite TV shows ever made: Will & Grace. I watched it so religiously growing up; it was one of the staples in my pop culture life, I think, but more than that, it helped me understand a life that I would soon be rather familiar with. Though a lot of the references and celebrity name drops flew over my head, I was well enough in the know to place the special guests, you know. I was still relevant, heh.

Will & Grace meant a lot to me as a kid, but now that I'm an eighth regenerated adult, it means so much more. A lot of the topics strike home with me. Not just because of the namesake characters, but also because of Jack and Karen. I see a lot of myself in their trials and tribulations, in their crazy shenanigans and exaggerated lives. And I know I won't ever go through some of their issues (namely anonymous sex and wildly recreational drug abuse), but I still got a lot of the pain: family issues, spouse dysfunction, wondering if I'll ever be good enough to love, bouncing from career to career, bickering with friends. Sadly, a number of my problems can't be solved over a span of two episodes, and frankly haven't, but this show has given me a lot of insight.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

GDR Book Club. Equal Rites

As I continue to rifle through my personal library, I picked up another book that has become a personal favourite simply because of the topic as well as the execution of its contents. It's a very worn book, but it looks well loved. Equal Rites was written by Terry Pratchett, and it's about the eighth daughter of an eighth son who is visited by a dying wizard. And this is a problem as in his final moments, as there is a lore against women being wizards. Did you not know? Well, it's all very interesting how little that all means in the end.

Friday, November 08, 2013

Anime-zing Finds! Anime Haul Part 2! Time for Fall.

I've been away for a while trying to juggle a few external things. And now, I'm sick or at least am on the sick train towards Unwellville. It's not fun, not at all, but I'll survive. In a previous installment, I talked about the anime I was watching, but I didn't get to talk about the rest of them. This one is going to be pretty short, but still honest nonetheless. I'm trying not to make these too, too lengthy, you know. With this, I'll wrap up with the anime I've taken interest in and the one that I've actually dropped. Speaking of which, let's start with the one that I dropped... almost immediately.

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Shutterfly Away Now.

How was your Halloween, you all? Was it absolutely spooky for you? Did you share some haunting tales? I told a couple, and I hung out with otto and Yasu and co. It was otto's birthday, so yeah, happy belated to her, right. I hope you had the spookiest of days, and if you didn't do anything, I hope you enjoyed your weekend, and it was rather relaxing for you all the same.

Before I was encumbered with [incredibly fun] social responsibilities, I received a package in the mail. Andy and I made prints and bought them through The quick of it is, is that we were waiting for these prints for a while, and they ended up coming a day late. Not too bad of a wait, honestly, but I was incredibly anxious because I really needed to make sure they got here when I needed them.

And voilà.