Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanks to Solus Lupus.

I've been pretty active on The Blogger Programme, getting the chance to scope out new businesses and other bloggers. I admit, it's a little overwhelming with everything else I've been planning and doing. So I come to you with this rather impromptu review.

The owner, Paris, is a complete darling, and we exchanged mails back and forth. I'm glad that we had the chance to talk because I've been interested in Solus Lupus for, I want to say, a few months now. Their items are incredibly minimalistic and neat. I've been itching to try things out, and so I got a chance to buy my own product.

It came to me yesterday, after a few day's travel. As you can see in the picture, the pillow box is a bit beat up. Quelle dommage as I find pillow boxes to be incredibly cute. Huuu. The part that made me smile was the handwritten note at the end of my receipt. Very, very sweet.

They're supposed to be above the knuckle rings, but since I have delicate anime fingers, it's impossible for me to find anything that fits as it should, but thankfully, I can still wear them as regular rings. I spent a solid $10 on these rings, and I was thankful to receive these.

The year's almost over; the holidays are closing in fast; and I've a few things planned for the following year. It's been rough and ridiculous, but thanks for being here throughout the blog's growth. Hopefully, by the New Year, I'll be ready to lift the veil and start things anew.

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