Sunday, September 29, 2013

You Can Call Me "The Cat Lady"

Well, not me in specific. Susan Ashworth is the woman you can append the typically unsavoury title. What's strange is that I can't stop thinking about this game. I literally cannot stop thinking about this game. It has some strong characters and language in there with some overhanging dark themes throughout.

In the very beginning of the game, we hear Susan's soft, charming tone speaking to us, but she's not just speaking. She's reading out her suicide letter before the world twists and turns and leaves us (and Susan) in a field of wheat.

I won't go into too much detail about the game, but it spans across different topics of death and human immorality. This game isn't for the squeamish as by no means spares the gore when it does appear. The game isn't without a message or motive, which you learn as you come across characters such as Liz, Mitzi, and even Brian, a dreaded, despicable man in Susan's apartment. Do I recommend this game? Yes, of course. I recommend that you play this game after playing Downfall. It will give something of back story to the current setting and helps understand a scene towards the end of The Cat Lady.

The Cat Lady was made by Screen 7, and this game is worth checking out if you absolutely can. You can go to the official website and buy the game for $9.99. There are also several areas to buy the game, such as Steam and Desura, so you don't have to worry. If you like The Cat Lady, be sure to give them your support, and you can even buy the DLC for it as well.

The Cat Lady is available for Windows PC and Mac. For Mac, you'll have to use Crossover 12.0 with OS X 10.8.2, so please be aware of that. If you do play the game, remember: tell 'em GDR sent ya, and enjoy.

Monday, September 23, 2013


Okay, so not quite. A little misleading information, but in a way, it's still true. I've become a resident for Fukuoka city's newest ward, Kawaii-ku (カワイイ区). The interesting thing about it is that this is a ward that exists purely and solely online. As of writing this, they have 41'712 members. With me being the newest one! I'm sorry; it's just very exciting.

Now why am I a Kawaii-ku resident? I learned about it because of Micaela, a Canadian vlogger who lives in Japan, specifically in Fukuoka. Recently, she was elected mayor of Kawaii-ku, and wants to spread the meaning of Kawaii throughout the world. Now, you can go to the official web site and learn more about it. Right now, there aren't many features to being an international resident, but I still think it's very cool. And so I decided to join the mission as it's something I believe in and is led by someone I enjoy and believe in as well.

Head on over to the Kawaii-ku official web site to learn more.

Learn more about Mayor Micaela Braithwaite on her official blog.

Gatsy Moving Rubber GET!

It's a beautiful Monday, and everything seems to be going pretty well. Aside from the fact that Google is having some issues with Gmail, I'm feeling pretty productive. And to make everything better, I got my free Gatsby Moving Rubber Hair Wax in the mail.

I was on YouTube when I saw an ad talking about a giveaway for the first 500 applicants. The giveaway is closed now though. Guess they got everyone rallied up. Not gonna lie, didn't think I was going to get anything, but hey! What d'ya know. I've wanted Gatsby since my Jrock glory years (bandwise and fanwise). I'm glad I finally got some; I just lack the longer tresses.

The one I got was the Gatsby Wild Shake, for achieving a wild and messy look with short & medium short hair. For the interested and the health conscious, here are the ingredients.

I'm not sure how often they do giveaways (or if they're done for now), but visit the Gatsby channel and keep a lookout for their next hooplah. They also look like they have some nice videos, so check those out too, I guess. And if you do, tell 'em GDR sent ya.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

iPad App: App Icons

I like customizing my devices—my phone, my iPad, my computers. If it can be personalised, I'm usually down for trying something new. And I wanted to try something new for my iPad since I rarely ever do anything aside from play games on it. So I decided to by App Icons by Tap Nation from the iTunes App Store.

Let me quickly preface all of this by saying that I wish I could get my money back.

When I first saw the listing, it was $1.99, but when you click the actual link, it comes up as $3.99; I'm not sure why. ($1.99 Google vs $3.99 iTunes).

Below, I've decided to give my thoughts and a descriptive overview of the application, and why it would just be better off saving your money.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Let's Play With Our Doll $ BOXX.

Look at these darling ladies. They've been around since 2012, but steam just built on them this month (at least on tumblr). I saw their video "Take My Chance" circulating on tumblr, and I just bypassed it. But one of my friends directly sent me the video, and I checked it out.

They start cute and sugary sweet at first, but then they kick down the walls almost instantly. I was extremely taken aback by the power of their voices. The singer, Fuki, has a very strong singing tone that carries. I know that it's been a while since my last music review, but I can get with these ladies.

They have a lot of potential, and their song is extremely catchy. Be sure to check out their video and show them some love. To them, I say

「Doll $ BOXXさん、そのビデオはスゲーだ!お疲れさまですとファイト!」

Thursday, September 19, 2013

The GRAVITY of Our Situation

Let me apologize in advance because this is a long review/first impression post about the movie.

Yasu was given two free tickets to see the movie via Klout (,which until today I've never heard of so you get nothing about it from me). I first heard about the movie because it was talked about on the Rooster Teeth podcast, and I learned Sandra Bullock and George Clooney were in the movie together. Now, they are two completely different actors, and so that made me very interested in seeing this film. I never would have thought I was going to see this movie. Ever.

Despite having the opportunity, I'm sad to say that I wasn't really stoked on seeing it. I'm glad that, as the movie went on, my feelings did a complete, galactic 180°.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

TheLEEs of Your Worries

This review has been a long time coming. Before it sort of slipped my mind because of the crazy amount of moving and driving I did, but I got this garment last year sometime. I can't exactly remember when; it was about December-ish. This was actually a gift, so I can't review too much about the shop itself as I didn't personally shop from there.

My man Andy, you may know him from this post, surprised me with this garment. I've always been a fan/long time admirer of TheleesShop. For those who aren't aware, TheleesShop is a men's fashion store spanning from casual to formal with extremely reasonable prices.

Friday, September 13, 2013

DRAMATical MUGS — An Inkgarden Review

This is actually a very special (and exciting!) review, because I've been aching to do something creative for the longest time. I'm happy to say that with my friend's help, we were able to create some amazing mugs and printed them using InkGarden. We looked around for a few hours (two or three) for a proper place to customize mugs. The unfortunate thing is that we were looking for two-tone mugs, but we couldn't find places that would print two tone mugs for a good price without being wholesale. We settled for plain white, and the result was absolutely spectacular.

One Free Persona-lity Test

I looked for the source for two hours and found nothing.

I know that it's been quite a while since I last talked about Persona 3 FES. Where I was interning last, I didn't play many video games, so I had to put it on paused. I moved to three different houses—and it's just been on pause and now that I finally started playing again, it's been too hot for me to want to change rooms to go enjoy it. I'm almost at the end of it all, and I finally get to put all of my thoughts to paper.

Or something like that. Let's get started.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

GDR Book Club. A Trace of Smoke

I should call this, "The Incomplete Edition" because I couldn't bring myself to finish this book.

I know that makes it sound like as though this book is awful, but it's not. It takes place in circa 1931 Berlin. The world is ripe with Hitler's presence, and war is in the air. It's an interesting setting considering everything I've read from this time period (or within the Nazi Era) has been heartbreaking in one way or another. But this was a pleasant turn. We live life through Hannah Vogel's life. She's a reporter and the first thing we witness is the heartache of her losing her younger brother, Ernst.

Hannah's story so far is very simple. While she's trying to figure out what happened to her brother, she reports on a high-brow molestation (I believe it was) case, and deals with the sexual underside of Berlin chasing clues about Ernst's disappearance. She runs into a lovely man during the trial and some days later, she gets stuck with a some mysterious kid.

The story is very... simple as far as living someone's life. It's slow and takes a lot of effort to concentrate on. The story doesn't 100% grab me all the time, and when it does, it only lasts for a few scenes. This is a book that I have to read very slowly over time (purposefully, unlike The False Prince) to try to digest it all. It's not really my favourites, and hopefully, if/when I finally do get through it, I will have more to say.

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Return From Savannah

Savannah was an amazing trip. I had a lot of fun, and I got to kick back for a while and try out new projects. In that time, I collected a lot of my thoughts and got a good, hard look at how things are going with my life right now.

That being said, I wanted to update on one of the posts that I made. The eyeliners I swatched for the makeup post I did last time lasted quite a while. The Wet and Wild liners lasted two or so days longer (after showers, numerous hand washings, rain, etc), and the Ulta lasted the same amount, plus a few hours. The Avon one, my Spectra Define, lasted three and a half days longer when it was all said and done.

I was trying to get a semi-decent look of everything. Not sure if you can quite see the Avon line there. Everything else (the three Wild and Crazy and the Ulta liners) are incredibly light/completely gone. This was an unintentional experiment. I just couldn't be bothered to remove them shortly after the review, but I am amazed at their staying power.

Anyway, I'll see you all next time.