Friday, September 13, 2013

DRAMATical MUGS — An Inkgarden Review

This is actually a very special (and exciting!) review, because I've been aching to do something creative for the longest time. I'm happy to say that with my friend's help, we were able to create some amazing mugs and printed them using InkGarden. We looked around for a few hours (two or three) for a proper place to customize mugs. The unfortunate thing is that we were looking for two-tone mugs, but we couldn't find places that would print two tone mugs for a good price without being wholesale. We settled for plain white, and the result was absolutely spectacular.

I could have easily called this DRAMATICAL Mug-der, but spared you the pain. Until now...

Just look at them! They're amazing. The quality is actually pretty high considering. We printed them on InkGarden and used a simulator from another printing company to see exactly how they would measure up on the mugs. It was a long extensive project that took a few days and a lot of researching, but man. I'm extremely happy with the quality of it all.

Here's one thing that I have to say about InkGarden that I don't necessarily like. Unlike the other shoppe where we used the 3D Mug model to check out the artwork, InkGarden doesn't have anything similar. You have the bleedline and the guideline and that's about it. It's just your art work staring at you and you never get to see what it might look like on the mug. So you just have to trust in the blue and red lines. Thankfully, though, those two lines are very reliable and true to print.

I emailed customer service because I wanted to know if they had a special on their shipping policies (for, say, the Labor Day promotion they had going on or something of the like). While they don't have any special policies, they were nothing but polite, kind, and prompt with their replies. In fact, the agent I spoke to in specific was professional and courteous. Thanks again, Melanie!

Now to the pricing of the mug and the shipping & handling. InkGarden's pricing works very much like this:

Taken directly from the InkGarden Mug Page.

Including mine, we ordered ten mugs. I have five—I don't even know what I'm going to do with this many mugs, but the total racked up to around ~$88 for everything (after we used our 25% off introductory discount code). The mugs came two days after I left Savannah, so I wasn't there with Andy after he initially unboxed them. The mugs come in special Styrofoam containers, so you don't have to worry about them being rattled and rolled during the shipping process.

I didn't include all of the pictures for the mugs, but if you want to view a gallery of them, you can do so here. Please do not use the images without my written permission, thank you very, very much.

We're not really in the market to sell these to others, and made these mugs as a special collaboration with each other. If you think the art is rad, go visit Andy on tumblr, and give him a shout. What I linked you to is his art blog and not his main blog. (Also, his main blog has auto-play music that is completely my fault.)

If you want to make your own mugs, you can use my referral link and get a mug for $1 (before S/H & taxes). If you like what you hear, pop on over to Inkgarden, and remember tell 'em GDR sent you.

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