Thursday, September 19, 2013

The GRAVITY of Our Situation

Let me apologize in advance because this is a long review/first impression post about the movie.

Yasu was given two free tickets to see the movie via Klout (,which until today I've never heard of so you get nothing about it from me). I first heard about the movie because it was talked about on the Rooster Teeth podcast, and I learned Sandra Bullock and George Clooney were in the movie together. Now, they are two completely different actors, and so that made me very interested in seeing this film. I never would have thought I was going to see this movie. Ever.

Despite having the opportunity, I'm sad to say that I wasn't really stoked on seeing it. I'm glad that, as the movie went on, my feelings did a complete, galactic 180°.

As things turn out, we were but a couple of the tens of dozens of people who were invited to this screening. Quelle surprise! Despite the incredibly long line, the wait was incredibly short. I thank that to the fact that we didn't leave at our previous target time. The line started to empty into the theatre and admission was divided between those with print-out tickets and those who were with Klout. Yasu's invitation, as stated, was via this Klout service.

A woman with the clipboard let us through and told us to sit anywhere where there was orange. But we were stopped by a delightful gentleman who almost didn't let us in. He and Klout representative were, sadly, not on the same page. Anyway, we did manage to get our seats. That being the third row seat dead center. What a damn delight.

No, I mean that seriously. I'm enthused because our seats were pretty good.

Before the lights dimmed, we were all greeted by 'Agent Black'. I kid you not. After the initial warning of "Do not film or be arrested/escorted out of the theatre", the movie began.

The movie was in IMAX 3D. I know. I was already wary about the movie's CG, but to have it all in front of me in 3D might have made the experience, eh, 'unfortunate'. The positive is that when I put the 3D glasses over my own, there's no awkward size difference. Yay to the fact that they ran out of adult sizes when they did. Curse my eternal baby face.

I was very, incredibly, unbelievably, heart-stoppingly good. There were a couple of honest jump scares in the movie, but that only added to the movie. Amazingly enough, the 3D added to the movie. In fact, it was implemented incredibly well. I am in sincere awe right now. It's hard to talk about this movie without spoiling it whatsoever, but here are my personal highlights.

The initial silence when the movie started was dumbfounding. The sheer silence of space is, for lack of a better term, breathtaking. The radio com slowly pierced the silence, and with the surround sound, it sounded like one of the Warner Bros. workers' radio for a moment there. The humour is there, naturally (because George Clooney), but it never took away from it. It never felt unnatural or like they were trying to get a laugh. They're just people in space; they're not pro comedians. They're astronauts trying to do their job.

But you want a tragic backstory? Got it. You want a man who has lived a long life with a lot of crazy stories to tell? Got it. Loveable throw away character? You betcha. What I love is that GRAVITY has lovely dosage of humour right to the very end. Even at the expense of your feelings getting crushed.

The best part is that the cinematics are beautiful. The Earth, the stars, just... I was getting a little queasy from the constant flipping and turning (which is unusual), but the scenery, the sunrise and sunset, it was all just so marvelous.

I loved this movie. Love, love, love this movie. And I'm astounded at how well it was done. Sandra Bullock and George Clooney make a fantastic duo, and I feel honoured, elated, different for having seen this movie. Though it discouraged me from wanting to go to space big time, ahaha. Gotta give up my interplanetary dreams of bounty hunting then.

Be sure to go see GRAVITY, directed beautifully by Alfonso Cuarón, October 4th this year.
Until next time, see you, space cowboy.

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