Tuesday, September 18, 2012

“FIGHTER” Album Release.


disclaimer: this review is done of my own accord.


Wesley Avery has released a free album called “FIGHTER”. It came out on September 18th, and it's pretty impressive. The album overall has a hip hop, rock, and dance ambiance to it. These three elements flow together, creating a harmonious album. Wesley has created numerous videos over the past three years, first starting off creating beats. Currently, the album doesn't have many views, but there are people taking an interest in it.

Recommended tracks would be track two "INFxCTED" and track eight "Stars are Falling feat. Arty Fresha".

Be sure to check out the 'FIGHTER' EP on Wesley's YouTube and send your support to his Facebook page.


Let's try something new, shall we? There's this web site called SnackWebsites that I don't remember signing up for. I actually didn't sign up for it; it's a subcreation of SnackTools, which I used for setting up music on an old tumblr account. Liking Snack Tools' service, I decided to give this web creation system a try and see what it was about.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Corel Painter 12 [Trial]

Let's talk about Corel Painter 12. I've heard about the Corel Painter program, but I never got to look for it myself. I had the trial myself, and I'm extremely happy with it. I was actually pretty happy with the program itself. The dimensions were just a bit larger than my laptop, so some windows were cut off. Only slightly, however. It didn't take away from the experience at all.

There are an insane amount of categories, such as art style brush, blur, crayon, airbrush, and so on. The art style category is has different painterly influences, such as Impressionist. Blur has different brushes such as hard, round shape, oval shape, and so on. The canvas itself can be changed. The background can be changed into a different texture like paper or a different patter like zig zag.

There are many things to do with CP12, and I had a great time experimenting with it. Be sure to try the thirty trial and experience it for yourself.

I would recommend this product.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Benjamin Moore

Long ago, I found a web site that worked as a 3D simulator to build and design rooms. The site that I found helped college students plan out their prospective room. It was an amazing site and was really fun and simple to use. It's been a few years since I last found the site, but I decided to go on a hunt for something similar.

What I found was a site with a section called the “Personal Color Viewer”, and there are several options to choice from. The user has the ability to browse previous collections, learn about color basics, upload photos, and save/load progress. With the color basics option, a new window pops up and displays a colour wheel. There are tabs and subsections to choose from and browse. The colour wheel is actually pretty fun to use. Be sure to play around and do a little more research with the Color Basics option.

The sample browser is extremely organized with breathtaking interiors. Selecting on a category (bathroom, bedroom, etc.) brings the user to several subcategories and themes. Upon choosing a theme, a design breakdown appears, complete with swatches and room preview. Painting a room virtually has never been so interesting. It’s really easy to use with many colour combinations and styles to choose from.

Registering with the site allows you to browse and save favourites throughout the course of the web site, and of course, it allows you to save progress on the PCV. Definitely worth checking out and exploring for oneself. This site is very useful for interior designers, writers, artists, and anyone who could possibly find a use from this place. Don’t forget to register and browse the entire Benjamin Moore website.

Use the BM "Personal Colour Viewer".

I would recommend visiting and using this site/resource.

Let's Watch: "Tekken: Blood Vengeance".

That was a great movie. Honestly, I was blown away.

First of all, they did something amazing by utilizing their graphics the way the did. It's "3D", but not in the marketing way that it is today. It's 3D animation, and I could not have been more impressed. Everything was smooth and flawless. The acting? Ah, superb.

L.A. Colors Review

L.A. Colors is a product that appears in several stores namely beauty supplies and Dollar Generals. I own two other colours by them. However, the white seemed to fall lax. In an extreme sort of way, from what I have experienced.

The name of the polish is Energy Source. The application is smooth, and I put on perhaps two coats of it when I noticed a problem. It doesn’t apply very well and clumps up when layered. The more layers that are added (I had to make four layers for a design), the clumpier it looks. It’s overall unflattering and looks similar to white out, which, funnily enough, I have applied on my nails in the past (stupidly, as a kid) and have had better results with. Because of this, I won’t use this polish again.

I would advise others to be wary of this product. I do not recommend it.

dots Lip Gloss Review.

Today, I'll be doing a review on the lip gloss sold at dots fashion store.