Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Let's try something new, shall we? There's this web site called SnackWebsites that I don't remember signing up for. I actually didn't sign up for it; it's a subcreation of SnackTools, which I used for setting up music on an old tumblr account. Liking Snack Tools' service, I decided to give this web creation system a try and see what it was about.

The homepage is simple, but inviting. There's nothing complicated about it, and even the web site creation is a simple process. It starts with choosing a blog type and then a topic. After doing that, the next part comes in with picking a template and a URL with subdomain.

Very simple! And the admin panel is incredibly easy to navigate through and use. I won't go through each individual segment, but I've included a couple of screenshots. I'm impressed with the simplicity of the user controls and web site set up. From what I can see, there's not much in the way of personally customizing a theme, and I'm not too sure of how much traffic the SW site gains on average. However, I will stay posted and deliver more information as it comes.

⌘ Visit the SnackWebsites home page and try it for yourself.

SnackWebsites is a small portion of SnackTools. Visit the main home page and see all the different web creation tools available to you.


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