Friday, December 25, 2015

Season's Greetings.

Hey, y'all. I just wanted to say Happy Holidays and thanks a lot. 2014-2015 were absolutely wild, and I would like to think that I've grown a lot during that time. I'm still technically on hiatus while I get myself together.

But I wanted to thank you for the years of being here with me and giving your support. Let's hope that 2016 is a lot better for us all: more productive, more fun, and a lot more honest.

I'll see you all then, yeah? Feel free to contact me on twitter whenever! Be safe out there!

Saturday, August 08, 2015

Rotatio: Just Keep Spinning

Let's talk about this new game I'm really into. It's called, very simply, Rotatio.

I'm always in the market for more mobile games. I'm always wandering around with my iPad, and I have a terrible case of idle hands. I think I found a game that's frustratingly good enough to keep me occupied.

The game is very simple. You just need to pass your ball through each gap to clear the stage. The catch to that is that the ball moves pretty quickly. There are balls on either side of the gap that will cause you to fail if you touch them. Even if you pass them, they linger for a second or two, so be careful not to hit them during this time as well.

Sunday, August 02, 2015


It's been a while since I gave you guys an app recommendation, and the sad thing is that I've had this sitting and waiting since January. You have no idea how long I've been putting aside writing this review. But you know, much better late than never in my case! -nervous laughter- Ahem. Continuing on.

I've been trying to get more use out of my iPad these years. Since I've gotten my [semi-defunct] smartphone, I haven't been giving it the attention it deserves. I still use it for a few games (like Blendoku) or crying over the fact that SYMPHONIA no longer works. But I shall cry no more, because I've added PEAK into my ranks.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Let's Watch: Vampire's Kiss

I don't do a lot of Let's Watch posts, because I tend to write my reviews after I watch the movie. But in this case, there was no way I could possibly wait to get this one out there.

Vampire's Kiss is a 1988 classic starring Nicolas Cage. If the name isn't familiar to you, then surely the infamous meme face is. That image alone should tell you about the magic you're about to see here.

Brace yourself. This is going to be a long post, and there are spoilers ahead. (Duh.)

Warning for spoilers, repetitive superlatives, and being overall link heavy.

The first ten minutes of the movie are unabashedly entertaining. The acting goes from stuck up to drunken at the drop of a hat (and the slur of some words). The movie begins with Peter Loew (Cage) stretched out on his therapist's (I wanna say, vinyl) couch, talking about some woman he just wanted to "get the hell out". His therapist (a distant cousin of Rue McClanahan) has a case of the scratchy throat, and the camera slowly zooms in on her.

They're playing the pronoun game because we don't really know who "she/her" is that either are talking about. Loew takes a moment to stare off into space, and then there's a really abrupt jump to a booming club. You can really feel the 80s.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

What's All the Hot Fuzz About?

So, I know I'm behind on the times, but I've always been interested in this movie. Recently, while a friend was out of town, I got to watch this while baby sitting her cat. I have to say, I'm glad that I did.

'Hot Fuzz; comes from the makers of 'Shaun of the Dead' as pictured above. This mystery-crime-comedy originally came out in 2007. I am way behind the curve. I've seen 'Shaun of the Dead' though if that helps. For those who don't know what the film is about, I'll give you a fill in. Simon Pegg plays an extraordinary officer named Nicholas Angel. Angel is a former London constable who gets reassigned to Sandford, a British quaint, country village. From there, Angel continues to be as upstanding and extraordinary as he was in London. Things in Sandford are not quite as simple as they first appear, and shit goes down.

I have to say that I really enjoyed this film. It was funny, but it wasn't stitch-in-my-side hilarious. I can appreciate it. It was cheeky, interesting, and it has dear Mr. Timothy Dalton in there, which I tip my hat towards. 'Hot Fuzz' is only 121 minutes, but honestly, it was interesting all the way through. It's a steady build, and the action in there wasn't too over the top. In fact, it was pretty believable, especially between Angel and "Yarp".

I'm sorry that I don't have a lot to say about the movie, but it really is one of those things that you can enjoy when you watch it. It's not extraordinarily amazing, and the humour doesn't send me into tears. In fact, I like it that way. It has the perfect balance of story, humour, and plot development. If you've watched 'Hot Fuzz', let me know what you think. If you've never seen it before, oh, I do request it. Come on, tell me when you're gonna watch it, and I'll be waiting with bells and whistles for your reaction.

Sunday, May 03, 2015

ONAF 2: The Egg-Wakening

Welcome one and all to Flumpty Bumpty's. If your light's turned off, then you're safe. If your lights are on, then they'll come find you~ and rip you a brand new face.
As expected, ONAF is incredibly warm and welcoming.

Welcome back to Mr. Flumpty Bumpty's Animated Emporium of Delightful and Exciting Terror. That's not what it's called, but I'm sure it'll be added in the fine print. The above lines are actually from the song you hear in the beginning once the game starts. The song is there in lieu of a phone call, but as always, it's a hint on how to proceed with the game.

One thing that I didn't point out in the last post is that One Night at Flumpty's has a good chunk of Easter Eggs (this time pun not intended). You'll see them on the desk in front of you as you play the game. In this second installment, they are all over. As always, I must deliver a warning. In this second one, to your immediate right is a dissected Piglet. So that's a constant thing to look out for.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Flumpty Dumpty is Hunting Us All

Since the second part of this game is out, I really wanted to talk about it because boy am I enjoying myself. The wild and crazy success of Five Nights at Freddy's gave birth to many spinoffs. I'll admit, while a lot of them aren't good, I admire them for trying. I admire them for being able to put out an idea. However, the most amazing spin off of the FNAF series - hands down - has to go to One Night at Flumpty's.

Let's talk about this.

One Night at Flumpty's was created by Jonochrome and is completely animated. It's not a modeled game. It is animated, y'all. That is worth its own merit right there, but it continues on. In the beginning of ONAF, you get a typical phone call. But it's not from some mysterious phone guy. It's from dear Mr. Flumpty's himself. Here is the phone call transcribed:

Hi~ I'm Flumpty Bumpty.  I'm an egg. I'm immune to the plot, and I can transcend time and space. Also, I'm coming after you~ You can figure out the rest. Have fun.

Oh no. He means business. Note that the "Have fun" is accentuated by some creepy laughter, so yes. He's going to enjoy himself.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

And All the Kingsmen

I'm not going to lie. When this originally came out, I didn't hear a single thing about it. I had never seen a trailer; I have never even heard about it. I didn't even know it existed until about February. I was on tumblr when I started seeing some gifs of one of the characters. I just thought it was cool but didn't really trying think too much about it.

Which is strange, considering how awesome it ended up being.

Kingsman: The Secret Service is one hell of a film. It's incredibly fun, over the top, and just the kind of movie to get me back into cinema. It's a spy film in its greatest form. It pulls no punches; it has great villains, and of course, its gadgets are amazing. It pays homage to, makes fun of, and amplifies the average spy film all at the same time. It's a multifaceted wonder, and personally, I'm impressed.

I love spy films, and I love action films. I love seeing wild adventures, nonsensical villain-hero banter, and some sort of dramatic tension. Kingsman definitely delivers on that while at the same time spin kicking some expected spy-stereotypes out of the window.

The film has a great cast of people, and the delivery is honestly fantastic. As far as the individual characters go, it's very easy to pick your favourites and to get attached. The main character Eggsy (yup) comes from a broken home, and there are moments where domestic violence is discussed/witnessed. It explains why he's so hardheaded, even though he's an incredibly bright kid.

Sam Jack does an incredibly job of playing a somewhat dorky, lisping villain. I love this type of villain! I love the way that he acted it out, and in case you didn't realise: the word of the day is 'love'. It's such a strange emotion to feel, but I'm really passionate towards this film. I think my one complaint with the film would be that the cinematography can get really blurry during some of the exciting parts. Well, really, it blurs up during the church scene. It does invoke the proper mood of high paced, very intense, and caught up in the action. But I'm greedy. I want to see clearly with my already bad eyes. Keheheh, other than that, I don't have any real beef with the film.

I want to hear different opinions though. I want to know if there's anything you felt was missing or left you wanting. For me, I found it to be a purely fun, over the top, stylish, cinematic tale. I'm really glad that I went to go see it, and I suggest that you go check it out too.

Sunday, April 05, 2015

Beautiful, Chaotic Metropolis

Life! That's all I have to say about my lack of updates. But as is my style, I'm going to be working backwards with you for a moment.

I've seen a couple of great movies lately, but I want to talk about the most recent one I saw a few days ago. Its name is Metropolis. I've seen gifs of this movie (specifically of this blond crying) on tumblr. I've made a mental note of it, but I never made an attempt to go look it up. Sometimes, I just flat out forgot, but I was given the opportunity to correct this repetitive mistake!

Friday, April 03, 2015

A Narcissus' Adventure

You know what's hilarious? I forgot I had this review in the works. I have dropped the ball!

This is why Fridays were invented.

Narcissus teaches you how to love and trust yourself more through the power of frustration. Strangely enough, it's almost masochistic enough to work!

What took me about this came is that it's not just a platformer that I'll usually play. It really works with and against your mind, if you're playing single-player. By choosing to fly solo, you'll have to control the black and white avatars on your screen simultaneously. It sounds a bit tricky in theory, and it gets a little bit worse when you actually sit down to play. With local co-op, you can out your friendship on the line and build up your social link through trial and error. (Wait, that's not the same game—)

All in all, I really think that Narcissus is worth a few rounds. It's a great mental exercise and an approved way to test ones attentiveness and reactions. Also, if you're into mind-numbing torture fueled on by your internal pride and competitiveness, this'll be good kindling for that fire.

I love a game that I can play on my Mac, and this is definitely one of those I go to touch in on from time to time. It's a very simple, straightforward game that does increase in difficulty as you go. It even has an nightmare-style mode, because why not, amirite. It's just some extra fuel to keep your inner narcissus going. The best way to learn to love yourself is to watch a monochrome inverted version of you plummet into nothingness.

View the official home page and check it out on Game Jolt. Warning: an ad and the game will autoplay on the Game Jolt link. Don't click if not prepared/muted.

Sunday, March 08, 2015

Let's Take Our Hunter Exams!

Now here's something that comes as a surprise.

Before I switch my tumblr accounts, there had been a lot of hype for Hunter x Hunter. Over the past six months or so, I saw a lot of people talking about it (and Fairy Tail, actually). HxH was something that I had heard about here and there over the years, so I knew the name "Gon" but nothing else. Seeing the characters on my dash without context was always amusing and slowly gained my interested, but I never took the bait. It was always on that "Okay, I'll put it on my list" list, but I never thought I would actually fall into it.

That is until my roommate decided to take the plunge, and I'm so glad I jumped in as well. Oh, my dear sweet boys. Because I started, I won't be reviewing this like I did Daily Lives of High School Boys. Consider this review more of a stream of consciousness if anything.

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Free for All? Unreal!

So have you heard the rumour? Okay, actually this one isn't a rumour at all. If you're a game developer or if you've been interested in the engine and its capabilities, you have a chance to get it for free. No lie. Whether you're learning it or using it for commercial products, Unreal Engine 4 is all yours for free.

The only catch is that Epic Games gets 5% royalty of what you make – which actually sounds pretty fair. Sure, 5% can really stack up if you're aiming to play the numbers game, but really, it's a small price to pay for something as cool as this. You will have to sign up to download the programme, but that's not a big deal, right?

Epic Games is planning on having a keynote speech March 4th at 9:30AM PST. If you want to know more about the speech or Unreal Engine 4 itself, you can check it out on the main home page. I'm actually really excited about this – enough to try it out myself!

Six Steps to 7th Heaven: Million Year Mud

It's been a while since we talked about these, hasn't it? The last one was the Moroccan Clay mask, which was painfully good (and smelled awesome). This one, though, I used sparingly because so many other things took precedence over a thirty-five minute face routine. Regardless, it was eventually finished, and now that everything is right in my small world again, we can finally talk about this.

Pictured above is the Million Year Mud mask. I don't believe I indicated the last mask's purpose, but with the Million Year Mud mask, it's a revitalising face mask. It works with all skin types, and it definitely gives your skin that extra boost.

It's two main ingredients are rhassoul mud and juniper. The colour has a grey-blue presentation. When I took a sniff, I realised that this was... really clinical. When applying just under my nose, it definitely lingered with me. The smell wasn't outright repulsive, but much like the Moroccan Clay, it was very powerful. Unfortunately, it was intense and reminded me of a clinic room. Well, at least it's clean.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Smooth Criminals: Persona 5

Oh, hey. Long time no shouting about video games. I'm sure that you all have heard the hype about Persona 5. And you guessed it: I'm going to bring it here as well. This isn't really a review, and it's partly a first impression.

Okay, let me address something really quickly. I'm sure that I hardly have to really say anything about it, but "You are a slave. Want emancipation?" I, uhm. Hm? Hm... Okay.

Moving on.

There are a lot of theories going on about the game so far. One of the things that I'm excited to see how these main characters are more like anti-heroes instead of the more virtuous sort we've gotten used to. The Phantom - the main character - hinges between cool and collected (of couse) and manic. I'm so excited to see how this develops. There is a lot of blond going on between the two companions, rumoured to be named, Anzu and Ryuji. It's hard to judge how they might be, but I have a few "please don't be like this" things on my mind. Morgana is a shapeshifting cat who basically turns into a bobblehead. Are you ready for this, because let me tell you something: I so am.

There are a couple of things that have led me to have my own personal theories. One of them being the "co-op" feature on the menu. I'm not necessarily thinking if this is a local team option between you and your friends (though that would be interesting). I'm wondering if this shows your relationships with your social links and how they could affect your heists/Dark Hour adventures.

Another thing that has me curious is less supported. I wonder how the seven deadly sins (specficially Luxuria) can come into play throughout the game or in different characters -- or even the Shadows themselves. While I am big on speculation, I want to see where this can go, and I'm looking forward to more trailers.

The promotion so far has gotten a lot of us pumped for this game. I'm expecting some good things out of it. The characters have an actual devil may care attitude that's really got my interest. How about you? Persona isn't everybody's series, but I think there's something to love in this installment. I'm on the lookout for more. If you're riding the Persona hype wagon or if you're just watching it glide by, I'd love o know what you're thinking.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

First Impressions: The Evil Within

Hey, guys. How've you been? It's been hard to get around without my laptop, but I won't let that get me down. I'm gonna load you down with blog posts until I run out of content. Again. Now, won't that be fun? Prepare yourself for a lot of game talk, and to set that pace, here's my impression of The Evil Within.

I know. I know. This game came out October 2014, but this game hit me like a hurricane. I actually avoided it initially because it didn't seem very interesting. Well, that is interesting enough to play. I finally gave in because of tumblr. More and more people started talking about it, and okay, fine. I finally gave in. Thanks to the community center, I actually got to play it for myself. And I'm pretty glad I did.