Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Six Steps to 7th Heaven: Million Year Mud

It's been a while since we talked about these, hasn't it? The last one was the Moroccan Clay mask, which was painfully good (and smelled awesome). This one, though, I used sparingly because so many other things took precedence over a thirty-five minute face routine. Regardless, it was eventually finished, and now that everything is right in my small world again, we can finally talk about this.

Pictured above is the Million Year Mud mask. I don't believe I indicated the last mask's purpose, but with the Million Year Mud mask, it's a revitalising face mask. It works with all skin types, and it definitely gives your skin that extra boost.

It's two main ingredients are rhassoul mud and juniper. The colour has a grey-blue presentation. When I took a sniff, I realised that this was... really clinical. When applying just under my nose, it definitely lingered with me. The smell wasn't outright repulsive, but much like the Moroccan Clay, it was very powerful. Unfortunately, it was intense and reminded me of a clinic room. Well, at least it's clean.

It went on incredibly smooth, and once you added water into the mix, the application process was that much easier. However, the water also made it thinner, much unlike the former mask, but it was still enough for me.  When it came to removing, it was much easier than the previous, and I'm incredibly thankful for that. The process still took some time, but I could make some good distance on my face with one dose of water. I went through the three different processes.

Wash and Air Dry —
After removing the Million Year Mud mask, I just let the product air dry. My skin felt smooth and incredibly soft. Oh so soft. I spent a lot of time touching my face, because it's still something that's uncommon with me. It held the moisture to my skin for a while, so on top of being soft, my skin was slightly dewy. Thankfully, I didn't look shiny. Eventually, especially if I fell asleep, my face would go back to its usual unremarkable luster, and my particular problem areas would stand out.

Wash and Wash Again —
After removing the MYM mask, I would go back over it with soap and water. In a hilarious twist of literal effect, my face became squeaky clean. I had a glow; my skin appeared a shade lighter, and actually looked remarkable. Again, I couldn't stop touching my face because it felt like porcelain. It just felt like a whole different material; I couldn't believe it. After a while/by the next day, my skin had returned to its previous shininess but was still soft with no other notable changes.

Wash, Wash, and Moisturise —
Now, this is something of a bonus as I usually did the moisturise bit before I applied makeup. Getting inspired by the idea, I finally decided to do this as a new process for three consecutive days. The word 'amazing' is lacking, and I hate that I lack the proper articulation to find the right adjective on my own. Much like the previous two results, my skin was soft and doubly so after applying soap water. However. After moisturising, I experienced a Disney level of elation. Touchable, smooth without the overkill, and by the next day, it was the same. It was the perfect combination. More to the point, I didn't apply the lotion (or sometimes cocoa butter) immediately after washing, I would wait for my skin to sort of set and then go for the addition.

Lengthy but worth it.

When I skipped out on a skincare session, it showed with all of them. After the first process, my skin just went back to its predictable dryness. With the second, my skin retained a decent level of healthiness, but new blemishes stood out. With the third, if I skipped a couple of days (which was wont to happen with my schedule), my skin just looked sad. Which I suppose is appropriate when achieving Disney heights — the let down is proportionately devastating.

All in all, I would give this a four outta five stars. The Million Year Mud was faster to apply and remove. It showed proper reward for the effort I was willing and able to put in. With all of the results, any dark blemish marks I had (from scratching) had lightened, but any acne I had was overall unaffected. The only true negative I could say would be its smell, though I'm sure it wouldn't bother others as it did me.

I would definitely recommend this to y'all, though. This was another hit, and if you're looking for something light that makes you feel like a whole different being, the Million Year Mud mask will be a good addition to your skincare routine.

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