Thursday, August 29, 2013

[Semi-] Natural Brows Finally Attainable

Finally got some browns! And they're not kohl liners. I've needed some brown pencils for my eyebrows. The eyeshadow method works best if I've primed my face, and sometimes I can't be bothered to go through that much effort if I'm being completely honest. To preface, they were 99cents each, so not a bad deal at all.

Wild and Crazy is known for their affordable products, and I have a few of their items, and everything I have is basically a winner for what I've paid. I don't typical use makeup frequently, but now that I have some browns, I just might be able to do so.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Savannah News.

So where have we been? There was a lot of hubbub last week to get things done and moved around. Before then, there wasn't enough money to go out and buy things or to go see things, but it all paid off in the end.

After a pretty decent four hour trip, I made it all the way down to Savannah, GA. Even though I'll only be here for a short while, I'm already enjoying myself and my trip. I have a couple of pictures from a restaurant, and a few pictures of beauty products. I'll upload as I can, but all in all, I want to just kick back and recharge before taking on more of my self imposed duties.

Though I'm not blogging a lot, I'm running around and talking to you guys, so let's build a great relationship while there's still plenty of time. Until the next blog (or until I see you on your blog), take care.