Sunday, April 26, 2015

Flumpty Dumpty is Hunting Us All

Since the second part of this game is out, I really wanted to talk about it because boy am I enjoying myself. The wild and crazy success of Five Nights at Freddy's gave birth to many spinoffs. I'll admit, while a lot of them aren't good, I admire them for trying. I admire them for being able to put out an idea. However, the most amazing spin off of the FNAF series - hands down - has to go to One Night at Flumpty's.

Let's talk about this.

One Night at Flumpty's was created by Jonochrome and is completely animated. It's not a modeled game. It is animated, y'all. That is worth its own merit right there, but it continues on. In the beginning of ONAF, you get a typical phone call. But it's not from some mysterious phone guy. It's from dear Mr. Flumpty's himself. Here is the phone call transcribed:

Hi~ I'm Flumpty Bumpty.  I'm an egg. I'm immune to the plot, and I can transcend time and space. Also, I'm coming after you~ You can figure out the rest. Have fun.

Oh no. He means business. Note that the "Have fun" is accentuated by some creepy laughter, so yes. He's going to enjoy himself.


The main cast includes Flumpty, Birthday Boy Blam, and the Beaver. Those are your main three. The Beaver is the Foxy of this game. Watch this asshole. The other three enemies are Grunkfuss the Clown, Redman, and Golden Flumpty.

Grunkfuss, as his name implies, is incredibly unique and also incredibly creepy. When he comes out at you, you might not notice at first until you see his looming, eyeless face. His eyes slowly appear as he comes towards you, and that makes it worse. When I first saw him, I was actually stunned. It's such a cool reveal, but then he started coming towards me. I stopped being impressed and started being worried. I won't explain how he creeps his way into your life, but I'm sure it breaks some code of decency.

Redman is really more of a red-bird-skeleton, and I honestly don't know how to describe him. I'm not 100% sure what his deal is or how he functions, but regardless, seeing him posing outside my open door is not fun, not at all.

One thing about the game that I feel deserves warning is Birthday Boy Blam. In this first installment, he's a cute little blockhead, but his jumpscare could honestly freak some people out. If you suffer from trypophobia (or a fear/severe dislike of the irregular pattern of holes), please – honestly – watch out for BBB's jumpscare.

The game has an amazing response and honestly popped up on me out of nowhere. It brings in the creepy pretty well, and it does keep you on edge. The characters each have great individual presentations, and I love their jumpscares. Golden Flumpty is of course a freaky bonus, but his design is legitimately the coolest thing. The game over screen is possibly one of the best as it is so deliciously morbid. (Once you play it, you'll see what I did there.)

ONAF is probably one of the best FNAF follow ups out there. The character varieties, the presentation, and the execution of it all are impressively made. If you're interested in playing, get it on Game Jolt. It's available only for the Windows, sadly. You can do what I did and bum a desktop from your local geek community center or take over your friend's system. Or you can watch a few playthroughs on YouTube. There are many out there, but I recommend CoryxKenshin.

Chegg it out, sit bacon relax, and get your nerves scrambled. Okay. Let me stop. If you've played the FNAF series, I do recommend you give One Night at Flumpty's a chance. If you haven't, grab some of your closest friends or followers and have a spooky marathon. I'm sure you won't regret it.

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