Sunday, April 19, 2015

And All the Kingsmen

I'm not going to lie. When this originally came out, I didn't hear a single thing about it. I had never seen a trailer; I have never even heard about it. I didn't even know it existed until about February. I was on tumblr when I started seeing some gifs of one of the characters. I just thought it was cool but didn't really trying think too much about it.

Which is strange, considering how awesome it ended up being.

Kingsman: The Secret Service is one hell of a film. It's incredibly fun, over the top, and just the kind of movie to get me back into cinema. It's a spy film in its greatest form. It pulls no punches; it has great villains, and of course, its gadgets are amazing. It pays homage to, makes fun of, and amplifies the average spy film all at the same time. It's a multifaceted wonder, and personally, I'm impressed.

I love spy films, and I love action films. I love seeing wild adventures, nonsensical villain-hero banter, and some sort of dramatic tension. Kingsman definitely delivers on that while at the same time spin kicking some expected spy-stereotypes out of the window.

The film has a great cast of people, and the delivery is honestly fantastic. As far as the individual characters go, it's very easy to pick your favourites and to get attached. The main character Eggsy (yup) comes from a broken home, and there are moments where domestic violence is discussed/witnessed. It explains why he's so hardheaded, even though he's an incredibly bright kid.

Sam Jack does an incredibly job of playing a somewhat dorky, lisping villain. I love this type of villain! I love the way that he acted it out, and in case you didn't realise: the word of the day is 'love'. It's such a strange emotion to feel, but I'm really passionate towards this film. I think my one complaint with the film would be that the cinematography can get really blurry during some of the exciting parts. Well, really, it blurs up during the church scene. It does invoke the proper mood of high paced, very intense, and caught up in the action. But I'm greedy. I want to see clearly with my already bad eyes. Keheheh, other than that, I don't have any real beef with the film.

I want to hear different opinions though. I want to know if there's anything you felt was missing or left you wanting. For me, I found it to be a purely fun, over the top, stylish, cinematic tale. I'm really glad that I went to go see it, and I suggest that you go check it out too.

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