Friday, April 03, 2015

A Narcissus' Adventure

You know what's hilarious? I forgot I had this review in the works. I have dropped the ball!

This is why Fridays were invented.

Narcissus teaches you how to love and trust yourself more through the power of frustration. Strangely enough, it's almost masochistic enough to work!

What took me about this came is that it's not just a platformer that I'll usually play. It really works with and against your mind, if you're playing single-player. By choosing to fly solo, you'll have to control the black and white avatars on your screen simultaneously. It sounds a bit tricky in theory, and it gets a little bit worse when you actually sit down to play. With local co-op, you can out your friendship on the line and build up your social link through trial and error. (Wait, that's not the same game—)

All in all, I really think that Narcissus is worth a few rounds. It's a great mental exercise and an approved way to test ones attentiveness and reactions. Also, if you're into mind-numbing torture fueled on by your internal pride and competitiveness, this'll be good kindling for that fire.

I love a game that I can play on my Mac, and this is definitely one of those I go to touch in on from time to time. It's a very simple, straightforward game that does increase in difficulty as you go. It even has an nightmare-style mode, because why not, amirite. It's just some extra fuel to keep your inner narcissus going. The best way to learn to love yourself is to watch a monochrome inverted version of you plummet into nothingness.

View the official home page and check it out on Game Jolt. Warning: an ad and the game will autoplay on the Game Jolt link. Don't click if not prepared/muted.

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