Sunday, May 03, 2015

ONAF 2: The Egg-Wakening

Welcome one and all to Flumpty Bumpty's. If your light's turned off, then you're safe. If your lights are on, then they'll come find you~ and rip you a brand new face.
As expected, ONAF is incredibly warm and welcoming.

Welcome back to Mr. Flumpty Bumpty's Animated Emporium of Delightful and Exciting Terror. That's not what it's called, but I'm sure it'll be added in the fine print. The above lines are actually from the song you hear in the beginning once the game starts. The song is there in lieu of a phone call, but as always, it's a hint on how to proceed with the game.

One thing that I didn't point out in the last post is that One Night at Flumpty's has a good chunk of Easter Eggs (this time pun not intended). You'll see them on the desk in front of you as you play the game. In this second installment, they are all over. As always, I must deliver a warning. In this second one, to your immediate right is a dissected Piglet. So that's a constant thing to look out for.

There are some new mechanics added into the game: vent system, light system, laptop, and exposure bar. The new enemies include a multifaced red creature and a man hunting owl.

Much like in FNAF 2, you can't close the main entrance ahead of you, but there is a vent system. You can't close both vents at the same time, but instead, they alternate. If you close one, you open the other. It's a very simple but effective system. It helps out when dealing one enemy. The light and the exposure bar work hand in hand. As the song says, if your lights are off, then you're safe. But if they're on when an enemy pops up, your exposure bar will go up. And basically your entire life is dependent upon this bar not filling up.

The laptop is the only power dependent object. Its battery has maybe an eight second lifespan, and then it takes almost the same amount of time to reboot. This requires you to check the cameras quickly, if you need them (which you will undoubtedly). If you turn off the lights, then the power is cut off, which keeps the laptop from charging up. The camera monitors really require either speed and/or prioritising on the player's part. It's definitely smart to be mindful of your laptop's battery and to use it accordingly.

Flumpty, BBB, and Grunkfuss' appearances have changed. BBB's jumpscare doesn't cause some crash feelings over my skin, but his smile is still the toothy beauty it was in the first. Grunkfuss doesn't slowly creep towards the player as he did in the first game. His new killing method includes a countdown. Player caution is advised, because forgetting about him could lead to some trouble.

One of the newer enemies, the multifaced red terror, is actually named Eyesaur. It's new in the sense of its always been there. Waiting for you. It's true though! You may not know it, but Eyesaur is actually "The Eyes" from the first game. In the first game, there's a jagged hole in the floor, and a cluster of eyes peers out from the darkness.

There's a lot of refreshing new brought to the game, even the game over death screen has gotten an upgrade. Jonochrome hit this right on the head and nailed the sit-and-survive essence. I do love the characters and how their hunting methods have changed a bit more in this game. There's just enough to keep you on alert and to properly split your attentions. I say that it adds tension without being hopelessly overwhelming.

ONAF 2 brings the thunder by also having a Hardboiled Mode. Since the game already focuses on a single night premise, Hardboiled Mode does not relent and bares down on those daring enough to play it. How do I feel about it? I hate it; I love it. It's all one savoury morsel of masochism.

Once again, I do request that you check out One Night at Flumpty's 2. You can peep it on GameJolt where it has an almost perfect score of 4.9. Jonochrome hasn't created any other games on the site, but these two are truly something special. If you're not afraid to get handed over on a silver platter, then dive into this gripping duo. And remember: you're being hunted by an egg.

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