Tuesday, September 04, 2012

L.A. Colors Review

L.A. Colors is a product that appears in several stores namely beauty supplies and Dollar Generals. I own two other colours by them. However, the white seemed to fall lax. In an extreme sort of way, from what I have experienced.

The name of the polish is Energy Source. The application is smooth, and I put on perhaps two coats of it when I noticed a problem. It doesn’t apply very well and clumps up when layered. The more layers that are added (I had to make four layers for a design), the clumpier it looks. It’s overall unflattering and looks similar to white out, which, funnily enough, I have applied on my nails in the past (stupidly, as a kid) and have had better results with. Because of this, I won’t use this polish again.

I would advise others to be wary of this product. I do not recommend it.

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