Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Benjamin Moore

Long ago, I found a web site that worked as a 3D simulator to build and design rooms. The site that I found helped college students plan out their prospective room. It was an amazing site and was really fun and simple to use. It's been a few years since I last found the site, but I decided to go on a hunt for something similar.

What I found was a site with a section called the “Personal Color Viewer”, and there are several options to choice from. The user has the ability to browse previous collections, learn about color basics, upload photos, and save/load progress. With the color basics option, a new window pops up and displays a colour wheel. There are tabs and subsections to choose from and browse. The colour wheel is actually pretty fun to use. Be sure to play around and do a little more research with the Color Basics option.

The sample browser is extremely organized with breathtaking interiors. Selecting on a category (bathroom, bedroom, etc.) brings the user to several subcategories and themes. Upon choosing a theme, a design breakdown appears, complete with swatches and room preview. Painting a room virtually has never been so interesting. It’s really easy to use with many colour combinations and styles to choose from.

Registering with the site allows you to browse and save favourites throughout the course of the web site, and of course, it allows you to save progress on the PCV. Definitely worth checking out and exploring for oneself. This site is very useful for interior designers, writers, artists, and anyone who could possibly find a use from this place. Don’t forget to register and browse the entire Benjamin Moore website.

Use the BM "Personal Colour Viewer".

I would recommend visiting and using this site/resource.

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