Monday, September 23, 2013


Okay, so not quite. A little misleading information, but in a way, it's still true. I've become a resident for Fukuoka city's newest ward, Kawaii-ku (カワイイ区). The interesting thing about it is that this is a ward that exists purely and solely online. As of writing this, they have 41'712 members. With me being the newest one! I'm sorry; it's just very exciting.

Now why am I a Kawaii-ku resident? I learned about it because of Micaela, a Canadian vlogger who lives in Japan, specifically in Fukuoka. Recently, she was elected mayor of Kawaii-ku, and wants to spread the meaning of Kawaii throughout the world. Now, you can go to the official web site and learn more about it. Right now, there aren't many features to being an international resident, but I still think it's very cool. And so I decided to join the mission as it's something I believe in and is led by someone I enjoy and believe in as well.

Head on over to the Kawaii-ku official web site to learn more.

Learn more about Mayor Micaela Braithwaite on her official blog.

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