Monday, September 23, 2013

Gatsy Moving Rubber GET!

It's a beautiful Monday, and everything seems to be going pretty well. Aside from the fact that Google is having some issues with Gmail, I'm feeling pretty productive. And to make everything better, I got my free Gatsby Moving Rubber Hair Wax in the mail.

I was on YouTube when I saw an ad talking about a giveaway for the first 500 applicants. The giveaway is closed now though. Guess they got everyone rallied up. Not gonna lie, didn't think I was going to get anything, but hey! What d'ya know. I've wanted Gatsby since my Jrock glory years (bandwise and fanwise). I'm glad I finally got some; I just lack the longer tresses.

The one I got was the Gatsby Wild Shake, for achieving a wild and messy look with short & medium short hair. For the interested and the health conscious, here are the ingredients.

I'm not sure how often they do giveaways (or if they're done for now), but visit the Gatsby channel and keep a lookout for their next hooplah. They also look like they have some nice videos, so check those out too, I guess. And if you do, tell 'em GDR sent ya.

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