Friday, September 13, 2013

One Free Persona-lity Test

I looked for the source for two hours and found nothing.

I know that it's been quite a while since I last talked about Persona 3 FES. Where I was interning last, I didn't play many video games, so I had to put it on paused. I moved to three different houses—and it's just been on pause and now that I finally started playing again, it's been too hot for me to want to change rooms to go enjoy it. I'm almost at the end of it all, and I finally get to put all of my thoughts to paper.

Or something like that. Let's get started.

In an average world, Persona 3 would be a slice of life. You're a student who goes to school, meets different people, and outside of the Tartarus, you are just trying to get by in life. With the mythical aspect of it all, I love the way that tarot cards are incorporated into the games. I haven't played the first two games (and I can't wait to get the chance too), so I can't judge anything based on that.

I wish there were more likable female characters. I do like the ones they do have (minus Yukari), but I just wish there was more. On top of that, I'm not crazy about romance being forced on the protagonist/you, the player. I want to max out a social link, not go to your room to "spend a special night". And it's nigh impossible to max out a social link with a girl and just stay friends with her. I don't like that part being pushed on me, you know. I'm crazy about a lot of the guys.

Unfortunately, every male I get close to (slash end up adoring even though they were weird at first) end up leaving and/or dying. Or in one sad-turned-confusing case, literally disappearing before my eyes. I like the teachers, namely the math teacher (even though I learned next to nothing from her), the "nurse" (I wouldn't trust that man with the air I breathe, honestly), and the old couple might be one of my favourite out of school adult social link.

Whoever played this and got reversed and broken, I feel bad for you (but how did you!?).

I like how challenging things can gets within the Tartarus, and I like STREGA, even though I have my jokes, especially about Jin's hair.

Right now, I'm fighting the Nyx Avatar. Which, for all intents and purposes, isn't actually impossible, but because Persona 3 FES is incredibly scant on SP recovery items, it definitely makes your job a lot harder. But if you have the right party members (especially ones that won't run to their deaths when Moonlight Gown is activated), then you'll be able to defeat him. NGL, so far I've wasted 5hrs between two days trying to play. And yet, it's not a frustrating encounter.

I've fought Tiamat 13+ times, and I think that, to date, is my most frustrating gaming encounter that I can outright remember.

What do I think about Persona 3? I'm in love with all of the characters, and I can appreciate the ones that I don't like. I like the tarot card aspect. The Personas don't always properly personify their namesakes/adaptations (namely the Norse gods), but I enjoy the game deeply.

I really love Persona 4 (which I've already played and beat), and I played P4A at MomoCon earlier this year. Fantastic games, really really. There's just an element there mixed with the character types. I appreciate Persona 3 FES' darker tone in its representation.

I'm looking forward to the movie, in which Minato's name changes from Minato Arisato to Makoto Yuki—name changes are really common in Persona games, or rather, so I've noticed with P3F & P4. I would love to have a tarot set based off of how the Major Arcana are depicted within the game. It's a good game, and I can't wait to finish it. This is all based off my experiences while playing The Journey, and I'm not sure if I'll be as enthused to record my experiences with The Answer, but hey. We'll see.

Enjoy the trailer for PERSONA3 THE MOVIE #1 Spring of Birth, which hits this Fall on 2013.11.23.

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