Friday, September 20, 2013

Let's Play With Our Doll $ BOXX.

Look at these darling ladies. They've been around since 2012, but steam just built on them this month (at least on tumblr). I saw their video "Take My Chance" circulating on tumblr, and I just bypassed it. But one of my friends directly sent me the video, and I checked it out.

They start cute and sugary sweet at first, but then they kick down the walls almost instantly. I was extremely taken aback by the power of their voices. The singer, Fuki, has a very strong singing tone that carries. I know that it's been a while since my last music review, but I can get with these ladies.

They have a lot of potential, and their song is extremely catchy. Be sure to check out their video and show them some love. To them, I say

「Doll $ BOXXさん、そのビデオはスゲーだ!お疲れさまですとファイト!」

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