Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Juuuuust The Last of Us♪

Things have been incredibly slow around here, haven't they? Through the back and forth nonsense, I've managed to collect myself to talk about a game I really enjoyed.

The Last of Us is, from start to finish, a beautiful game. From the atmosphere to the character development, I feel like Naughty Dog really spoiled us this time around. The undead characters are frighteningly fantastic. There aren't numerous special infected nor are there too many 'boring' creatures. They're all, very honestly, amazingly creepy. And games like this usually make me wary to play, but this was good.

Despite all of the undead shenanigans, the truth of the matter is that humans will still be our greatest enemy. We know what the undead will do — they have a one track "mind", but humans are wild and unpredictable, and the more cornered they are, the more of a wild card they become. But the relationship between Joel and Ellie is probably one of my favourite things. From what I remember in playing it, there's little to no romantic structure in this game outside of the almost familial love between these two. It's a really dark game, and it's wonderfully orchestrated in all of its madness. I've breathed my sighs of relief. I've screamed and yelled at it. I've jumped away and completely abandoned the game for a little while, but it drove me on. Because it's gritty and bloody and sad and amazing.

The Last of Us is available for the PS3, and honestly, I think that it's a game worth playing in all of its hype. It's truly fantastic.

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