Sunday, November 03, 2013

Shutterfly Away Now.

How was your Halloween, you all? Was it absolutely spooky for you? Did you share some haunting tales? I told a couple, and I hung out with otto and Yasu and co. It was otto's birthday, so yeah, happy belated to her, right. I hope you had the spookiest of days, and if you didn't do anything, I hope you enjoyed your weekend, and it was rather relaxing for you all the same.

Before I was encumbered with [incredibly fun] social responsibilities, I received a package in the mail. Andy and I made prints and bought them through The quick of it is, is that we were waiting for these prints for a while, and they ended up coming a day late. Not too bad of a wait, honestly, but I was incredibly anxious because I really needed to make sure they got here when I needed them.

And voilà.

Here they are. The art is by Andy, naturally. I just coordinated the purchase. Shutterfly was having another promotion, in which we could get fifty (50) free prints (before shipping and handling, naturally), but we came to the agreement to have only three DMMd characters and ended up settling for 48 prints. They're glossy and in great quality. I didn't get any individual pictures of them, but I can gladly update this blog post with them.

Shutterfly is a great, easy to use site. Much like Inkgarden, the customer service is amazing and nice. Sometimes, not quite as prompt as Inkgarden's, but nothing worth complaining about. The shipping came up to $4.27, and the 4x6 prints' original price is $0.12 per print. Not a bad price.

What's strange is is that these prints took a while to get to us, but the consolation item that came after I emailed them came two days after. So it's strange how their shipping speed is. That quirky little point aside, I'm looking forward to buying something else from them. Their prices are fair; they usually have tonnes of promotions. If you sign up as a new user, you get 50 prints free amongst other nice little perks.

As an added note, we have so many prints left, and since they're in my possession, I'm not sure what to do with them. I have 24 Aoba, 23 Noiz, and 24 Clear. We were debating on selling them, but I'm not entirely sure how much for.

Best thing about Shutterfly is that good for artists looking for something reasonably priced, but since I'm not sure yet how quickly their shipping works, make sure to order everything you need a couple of weeks ahead of time if you need them for a certain event or class. Otherwise, have fun shopping, and remember: tell 'em GDR sent ya.

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