Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Just a Few Droplets.

So last night, I was cleaning out my email when I came across an old message I had sent to myself. Attached were some bookmarks I had. And I found this old gem. Droplets is a pixelated flash puzzle game hosted on Nitrome. Since it's been a while, I had to remember how to play the game, and so I'll share my nuggets of wisdom with you.

Each stage gives you a certain number of red rabbits at the top of your screen. You have to drag them to a certain spot and let them helicopter their way to safety. You can click the screen to let them go into freefall, but no worries. You can send them back into whirling bliss with another click of your mouse. You have to avoid flat surfaces generally. Either the grey fans, as shown on the left side here, or the greenery as shown above. Your target goal is listed in the bottom right of your screen. You can always hit the Price is Right colour bars at the bottom to add a needed bonus. On top of that, there are twirly whirly carrots for you to dine on.

But beware there are enemies and even little bomb creatures that can make or break your score. The game is really cute and fun; you can even play it co-op. If you enjoy peaceful little puzzle games, then Droplets just might be right for you. Play it free on the Nitrome web site. 

Nitrome does have some ads that play before your game, and the loading time of the site might be slow for some. Please keep this in mind before indulging in the game.

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