Sunday, October 20, 2013

Don't be a Dick... Blick Art Supply Get!

DickBlick! Their name has never failed to crack me up. I first learned about Dick Blick when I was a sophomore in high school. otto was the the one who originally told me about the company. I was always interested in them, but I never really thought that I would buy anything from them. I always refer to them when certain supplies come to mind, like art pens and coloured pencils. But this time around, I was itching to get my hands on a new sketchbook, absolutely dying for it. And I was looking around for something that would fit my tastes. I ended up saving... a lot of sketchbooks on my Dick Blick account, but the one I ended up going with was the Canson 180HB 3.5 x 5.5 Sketchbook.

Look at it! It's such a cutie, right? I adore it. I honestly do. It cost me $6.99USD, and the shipping was $8.95, or something similar. Yeah, I know, I've been “high-rolling” when it comes to my paper goods. It hurts my heart, just a wee bit. Just a tad. I bought the sketchbook on the 9th, and they were shipped on the 15th. The original arrival time was planned for the 22nd, but I ended up getting the book on the 19th. Oh happy day, happy day!

I was a little concerned because when I checked my book out, it said that it was “reserved”, I clicked out of the prompt too fast for me to read it, and I was only able to catch “Your item has been reserved”. After a couple of confused days of not receiving any word or confirmation about whether or not my item was sent, I decided to send in an inquiry and ask what they meant by “reserved”. My qualms were quickly answered three days later. (Sent the 11th, response on the 14th).

I assure you that I was only antsy because I just got a killer idea that I wanted to sketch out. I still have a few blank pages available on my old sketchbook, but I wanted something new and completely blank to get these ideas out on.

It has a magnetic clasp. It's not particularly strong, but it keeps the book closed. The spine is as pictured, and when I opened it, I noticed that the binding was loose on one of my pages. It hasn't proved to be that way on any of the others, so it just might have been a fluke page.

Now that I'm not in a rush to buy creative things and get my ideas out—now that I'm not scrambling to ship and to track and to plan—I can very nicely say that the wait wasn't long at all, and I wouldn't have minded it at all on a normal day. Dick Blick does have some quality art supplies. You can probably find a store or distributor of their goods on their store locator, and if you don't have DB near you, shop at online.

And remember: tell 'em GDR sent ya.

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