Monday, October 21, 2013

Such Lovely {papire}. Goods

I've been craving new notebooks and new little paper goods haunts to purchase them from for a while now. I won't even say how long. I follow a couple of stationery tags on tumblr, and in one of the tags, I came across {papire}., a cute little online stationery shoppe based in Singapore. I've bought from several Singaporean shoppes in the past and have never had a problem with any of them, honestly. The catch is that I've never bought from blog shoppes before, so I decided to take my faith in Singaporean sellers (and my money) and give it a shot.

Michelle, a lovely soul, runs the shoppe, and I emailed her a few times, trying to an invoice of my purchases before I actually got around to buying them. She was incredibly nice the entire way through, and she made me excited to buy. Bam(!), a little over a week later, I was able to buy what I wanted. I ended up getting the Old English and the Traditional Notebooks.

Oooh, they look so pretty, don't they? I think so (obviously). And the price was pretty fair! I spent $21.80SGD ($17.59USD) on the two books. It was $8SGD before the registered shipping to the US.

If you decide to buy from this shoppe, please keep in mind that the shipping will be the greatest factor for you.

I ordered my items on Oct. 9th, and they were shipped out on the 10th. Great. Considering my past experiences, I was expecting them to get here relatively soon. Not entirely true. It took eleven days to get to me. Tracking my packages is usually a breeze not matter where I'm getting them from and something I don't really have to worry or think too much about. Unfortunately this time around, SingPost had been overflowing with inquiries to the point where the site actually stopped loading for a couple of days.

I'm not sure if the Singaporean post was lagging behind or if it was just a matter of so many people trying to track their packages, but something was going absolutely wonky with the tracking. Whatever the reason, it was still a pretty pleasant wait for me. I can't say why.

This might be one of my last purchases for a little bit. I'm going to try to get a P.O. Box or something of the like. I'm sure that I'll have some stray in-person purchases, but even then, we'll see if I can manage! But again, this might be. I'm bound to breaking my own word, ahaha.

I have so many things that I want to buy from {papire}., and if you ever find yourself shopping from them, remember: tell 'em GDR sent ya.

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