Monday, November 18, 2013

We All Need a Little Will & Grace.

I know that I've been gone a little while. Inspiration hasn't hit me this hard this much. For the past two months (or so), I've been rewatching one of my favourite TV shows ever made: Will & Grace. I watched it so religiously growing up; it was one of the staples in my pop culture life, I think, but more than that, it helped me understand a life that I would soon be rather familiar with. Though a lot of the references and celebrity name drops flew over my head, I was well enough in the know to place the special guests, you know. I was still relevant, heh.

Will & Grace meant a lot to me as a kid, but now that I'm an eighth regenerated adult, it means so much more. A lot of the topics strike home with me. Not just because of the namesake characters, but also because of Jack and Karen. I see a lot of myself in their trials and tribulations, in their crazy shenanigans and exaggerated lives. And I know I won't ever go through some of their issues (namely anonymous sex and wildly recreational drug abuse), but I still got a lot of the pain: family issues, spouse dysfunction, wondering if I'll ever be good enough to love, bouncing from career to career, bickering with friends. Sadly, a number of my problems can't be solved over a span of two episodes, and frankly haven't, but this show has given me a lot of insight.

I've laughed a lot with and at these characters. Sure, the show has a lot of stereotypes, but it points and makes fun of them in mostly victimless ways. But in that, the show has had creative ways with dealing with adult topics, adultery and the like. They made me laugh as a kid, and I was always exposed to those sort of things with a really shallow knowledge or understanding, but now that I'm older, I get them. I understand the weight and proverbial consequences of these topics. With Will & Grace, I've had a lot of good times, and I don't know if anyone will remember this show the same way I have—the way I do.

I can't say that this show has saved me or anything like that, but I've grown with it, with this cast, and even though I've changed a lot and a lot of my memory has faded, I'm still here with them. And boy, it feels so good to laugh again. It's been so nice, these couple of months, to relate to something, to these people, to see things from a different perspective without being directly preached at. I don't need crudely written jokes or babied up, watered down material—I needed some good adult time. I needed a reason to laugh, and I did a lot of that. I feel as though I regained a part of myself I wasn't fully aware I was losing. Strange as that is to say, but. I got more than just a vague grasp. I could really feel it. I could see everything I was missing. What they had, I knew I was lacking in myself.

I laughed so much during the duration of this show, and I cried sometimes. Actually, there were times when I choked up a lot during the series. There were some parts that were too real, and I caught myself smiling even though I was on the brink of something emotional. And I like that in a show. I'm always one for action and comedy instead of love and romance, and I'm not saying that I need a good after-school special to really tie things together, but. This show takes values of friendship and life and just bundles it up in easy to digest douses. There's something about Will & Grace that really settles me, and it settles in good. Whatever "it" really is.

The last episode, yeah, felt like a hasty progression, but it also felt right. I'm not sure what it is, but it just sort of rounded things off nicely. It guess, to me, it sort of caught the windstorm of time rather well. Sometimes, things happen. You stray away from someone you know and love, and you lose track. Maybe you separated and just needed that time apart to find yourself. To find your answer. To find each other at a better time, and at a better place. Sometimes, you just need time and space before you can be pulled back together again.

And I know that it's strange, but I just wanted to say thank you to the whole cast, the production, to the idea that was made. It was something that I really needed, and I know that I'm not close to their character ages right now, but I feel so heavy, so worn, so put out of my place. And I guess, I just had to see someone else go through it to really understand where I needed to be. So thank you, thank you for all the years that I put into this, and the almost two months that I invested into it once again. I carried a lot away from it. I think... I've gathered the totality, their most valuable lesson.

Whether it's destiny or it's just the perfect time, there's definitely something there that brings people together. It draws people in, and yeah, sometimes people randomly enter your life and they randomly leave. But the ones that stay for however long they're there, they mean something. And even if they go, if it's meant to be it'll be. And whatever moments you share in the time you spend it together, it'll mean something. You may go out and venture into the world on your own for a little while, for a long while. You may have friends. You may have family. You may have friends that you call your family.

Whatever it is, with a little love, with a little time, with a little will and a bit of grace, we'll find who and what we're looking for after all.

Thanks for being patient while I lived this through and figured this out.  I'll see you guys next time.

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