Monday, April 01, 2013

What I Use: puush

Image courtesy of the puush home page.

I remember when I first heard of puush. otto was actually the one to tell me about it. I've been using it for years now, and it's another one of those programs that I have to have when I move to a new computer or restart everything.

puush is a free-to-use screencap app that is available for Windows and, thankfully, for Mac users. The app comes with set shortcuts that users can modify themselves. By screencapping a select item, an entire or desktop using those shortcuts, the image is automatically uploaded; a link is generated and added to your clipboard for instant pasting action. puush also has it so that users can click on the arrow and quickly browse their five most recent uploads. But all is not lost!

By registering with puush, users have their own accounts, so all of their uploads are automatically saved to a gallery; pictures can be added to folders or even deleted. Everything is so convenient and automated, and I'm glad that puush is a part of my daily computer usage. There are times when the server is down, but I've no problems with that. Sometimes; they never tell you when it's going to be down for maintenance, and sometimes the server just crashes! But hey. It's a free service. I use it a lot, and I love it. Once my income becomes more promising, I'm going to happily donate to them. They've made my blogging life much easier.

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