Friday, March 29, 2013

Let's Stay Healthy.

I don't really have a review. Just taking some pictures of things I've bought a while ago. I made a post about it on my OHP but never here. I'll have a review soon though; I just have to get the (super unedited) photos off my mobile.

For now, try this one for size (or for smell).

I bought this soap because like I've been saying for a while, I've been trying to do more body-positive things. Well, actually I've said I'm trying to do more face positive things, but eh. Same thing, larger scale. I bought the most Kurama/Shuichi thing I could find. Man, it's so pretty looking this package. I'm happy with it; it wasn't an expensive purchase at all really, if I remember correctly.

Whatever the price was, it ended in a "9". Let's hope for good savings.

Completely in Korean! I'm a (semi-)proud polyglot, but this is one language that escapes me no matter how hard I try! But for those who aren't quite as Korean-handicapped, be sure to get a load of these ingredients, selling points, and all that good goodness.

On the back of the bar, there's actually the hangul of what's on the front of the packaging. I thought that picture snapped. Apparently not. I don't have a review for this. The only thing I have right off the bat is that this lied to me! This doesn't smell like roses at all!

This smells like how those wax pops from my childhood tastes. I can't find a proper picture of them, but trust me. You know them. This soap bar is rectangular like you don't understand. No soft edges, no oval. It's a rectangle. And a pretty big one. Not bad at all, but just very different as far as my regular soaps. 

I'm looking forward to trying this soap out and talking a little more about it. Look forward to it (I suppose)!

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