Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Important Notice About Monoprice Drivers.

 Let's talk about how I managed to get my drivers downloaded for my Monoprice tablet.

Again, my Monoprice graphic art tablet is a hand-me-down, and it was new as well. Yasu used it sparingly when they had it, and so it (the tablet) is in good condition still. When a Monoprice tablet is purchased, a small disk is supposed to be included. This includes all the drivers needed for Mac and Windows users. Supposedly anyway. Now let's say you lose the disk or it breaks. Here's what I would not do.

Searching for Monoprice drivers on Google is a fruitless and extensive process. I searched for three hours looking for a driver that would work on my MacBook Pro. After much searching, most of all the posts I found (that had fixed links) took me to the UC-Logic website, specifically hereI cannot say how this link works for Windows; let me address that now. However, for Mac users, I would not use this. I'm not sure if it's because I have a Lion processor (version 10.6.8), but this driver did not work.

Mac Users, please listen.

Previous to using the driver download, I could plug in my 8x6 Monoprice, and the light would turn blue and flicker for a bit. When I used my tablet pen, nothing would happen. The system didn't register the product, so it wouldn't work. That's natural and supposed to happen if the proper drivers are not installed. However! When I used that UC-Logic link, my tablet completely stopped working. It just turned off completely. I reset my computer three times, uninstalled, and reinstalled the drivers. At first when I installed it, my Monoprice was still plugged in. I thought that that was the reason for it not working, but it turns out that it was the software itself. Extreme relief.

what you should do.

Contact Monoprice directly. Don't spend time waiting. I told them that I was a Mac user, gave them the version of my processor I was using, and what my issue was. That much detail might not be necessary, but I like to cover my bases just in case. The email for Monoprice Tech Support is tech○monoprice.com. Remember to replace the ○ with the @ symbol. You can also use their contact form, or you can report the error on the product directly (in case it's not with you or the sticker is unreadable).

To report an error on a product, visit the product page on the Monoprice website, find your exact model (in my case, we'll go to my 8x6), and you go to the Keep Us Informed module.

And that'll key in exactly what you need as far as the product is concerned, just use the drop down menu to express your distress. They reply back within 1 to 2 business days, and they'll help you out. I talked to two or three different associates. I actually didn't notice different ones had responded back to me until I looked closer at the sender names.

I really hope this helped someone, and enjoy your Monoprice tablet!

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