Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Digging Around eBay.

I almost forgot to talk about this, which is ridiculous because I wear it everyday. Or damn close to it. I bought this wig from an eBay seller on the 3rd, I believe. I honestly can't remember. It came on the 11th, right after my con. So I didn't get to share in its luxury then. But now I can with my talons. It's a fun right.

Since there are no pictures, I'll just hit the basics. This wig was $16.62 with free shipping. It's 100cm, and holy shit is this thing long. I really want to get closer and closer towards my style, and this is a good step. I haven't cut the wig or the bangs, so it's pretty much in its original state. I'm about 163cm/5'4" so the wig comes down to the middle of my backside at the very, very tip. The thickness starts to wane at about the small of my back/just above my backside, so it's pretty manageable. The bangs fall down just an inch under my chin. It's crazy!

Since this is a long wig, it is sort of crazy when it comes to how badly it frays/tangles. It comes with the territory, I'm afraid. Honestly, I'm not too worried about it so long as I have a wide toothed comb/wide brush. It's incredibly soft and wonderful to the touch.

There's nothing bad to say about it. It flows and people actually think it's my hair. Thankfully, it doesn't have a terrible shine to it that screams, "Look at me; I'm synthetic." This is my first really long wig, and the seller is amazing. I can't wait to buy from them again, to be honest.

For those interested, here is eBay listing of the wig I bought!

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