Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Things I Like to Do

I love blogging; I like writing, even though my writing voice, no matter what the medium, isn't very good. Though it may not be obvious to you all on this sort of self imposed forum, I lack an extreme lack of confidence, and the many things I do I continue to do merely out of unstoppable compulsion alone. Insert blogging. It's one of my torturous vices. I love it in the same breath that it pains me. I continue to do it because I love it more than I am compelled to do it. And that's saying a lot.

One of the main, I don't know, forms of blogging that I like is food blogging. I love food very, very much. Yes, it's gluttony to an extent, but food always makes me feel good 9.9 times out of 10. Food blogging is great, because it really draws attention to great places to eat and the good food they make. You know, if it's good. I love the way food looks in person, and I like learning about other people's tastes. Through them, I also learn new recipes and techniques by watching prevalently food bloggers.

Below I've included a few photos of the food I had on my birthday. I don't think I ever made a post of it, but since it's relevant, I'll just include them below.

Fried ice cream!

First time I've ever had any. It wasn't the best, I won't lie, but it was still pretty good for my first experience with fried ice cream. That's all for now, yeah.

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