Friday, March 22, 2013

Influenster: Olay Fresh Effects Review

Guess who got its stuff from its other house! This kid right here. I'm doing more Influenster reviews, since I was so sluggish about it. Thankfully, they're reminding me every now and again to write something. So here we go. I'm going to talk about the Olay Fresh Effects face cleanser. Before I knew it had batteries, I had just bought two packs of double A batteries, so, at least I'm prepared for the future. As you know, I'm pretty big on my face products right now. So far so good to be honest! Everything I've bought has worked for me, and this is no different.

They shipped me the cleanser and the brush, which was already loaded with batteries. The cleanser is this steel blue-grey colour, and the brush is just the smallest thing.

Don't hate my nail game.

Look at it! It fits so comfortably in the palm of my hand! The brush has a very distinct whir. It's not very loud, but it's definitely audible. I'd say "Maybe I'll post a video", but you know, things like that are tricky to promise. Aha.

The bristles are very flexible and feel great on the skin. I wouldn't say they're "soft", but they are definitely soothing. The cleansing cream doesn't have a tingling after effect or anything like that. The best part is is that it doesn't dry my skin out afterward. I need this cleanser on the curves of my nostrils and in between my eyebrows especially. This does just the trick. I would definitely invest in this for those interested.

The two are sold separately it seems. The Olay Cleansing Contour Brush is sold for $12.99, and the Shine Minimizing Cleanser is sold for $6.99 for the full size, which is 5 oz. Spending $20 give or take, is it worth it? Well, I'm very happy with this product, you know. It incorporated it into my daily schedule, so I would definitely think of getting a replacement for this if it ever broke. I'm very happy with it, and I have to thank Influenster for sending it to me.

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