Wednesday, February 06, 2013

All's Fair in Love and Summer Wars

We're blazin' a trail through these movie features, but here's something that took me a couple of months to complete. Moving around really put a stanch in my personal interests. I'm kinda glad that I got around to finishing this one. Summer Wars isn't dramatically action packed or suspenseful as other movies I've reviewed.

Their global society has escalated, and their main means of business, communication, and gaming comes through the world simply known as OZ. It's an interface that can be accessed via mobile phone and home computer, and every single user has an avatar they use within this impressive digital realm. All seems fine until the code to the supercomputer's mainframe is hacked. And how unlikely heroes have to fight to restore order, but their virtual lives aren't the only ones at stake. Well, they aren't unlikely heroes, but they are—for the most part—a bunch of kids!

For what I can say, this is a really peaceful movie. It keeps their technological progress on a realistic plane. Meaning, even though now we have touch screen, 72" TVs, we still don't have flying cars. Here in a rural area of Japan, there's a grandmother who lives in her large estate and the only major change that separates the world from what it is today is its usage of this place called OZ.

I would definitely give this movie a watch. It has (very) slight moments of suspense, surprising let downs (in a good way), and it's just overall good for what it is. It's pleasant, but not extravagant. A solid four out of five on this one in all cases.

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