Monday, February 18, 2013

App: Boat Browser

I wanted to give a little personality to my Android phone. So I decided, "Hey, why not a new browser?". I didn't want Opera or Chrome. I wanted to think outside my browser safe zone; I was in the mood to be risky. After a few suggestions on mobile browsers for Android, I came across Boat Browser. The icon, shamefully enough, was cute and aesthetically stylized enough for me to go for it. I have honestly yet to regret the decision.

I almost flipped when I found out I could take screenshots of my browser screen. Finally, no more wishing and waiting on my end. I'm sure there was an app I could have downloaded to make that option easily accessible to me, but lemme tell you: it was far from my mind; only a passing want.

I don't regularly surf the net on my phone anymore as I really only text and use my service provided GPS (bad idea), but I'm glad to have such a neat and versatile mobile browser. If you want Boat Browser, it's available for free at the Google Play Store.

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