Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Santa's All Season e.l.f.

A couple of weeks ago, I received my birthday package from e.l.f cosmetics. I'm a big fan of e.l.f, and I don't often buy their products online. I hardly find enough money to cover the $6 shipping, ahaha. Sad on my part, but the good thing is you can still buy a few of their items at a local K-mart. BUT! That all changed for a short while, and I'm glad for it, you know. 

I've never received a package this large from e.l.f before. I actually didn't know it was from them. The box isn't decorated in anyway; it's off-white all the way around aside from the shipping decal. Opening the box was much of the same, no decoration, just this sort of beige packaging paper on the inside. Thankfully, all of my items were packed in tight. Nothing was broken, altered, or anything like that. So I can easily forgive bland packaging. As long as my things are sent to me without a problem, then there's no reason for fuss.

You can easily see one (or maybe two) of the items I have so far, but I'm only going to unravel them slowly! Ahaha, I want to talk about these products the right way. I already have the first three set up for you. It's all about getting it written down now, so stay tuned and look forward to it.

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