Saturday, February 16, 2013

Multiple Persona Disorder

I'm not just a review blogger; I'm an avid gamer as well. I have pretty big dreams surrounding games, but that's for another time (if ever, at all). I was going to participate in Four in February. It's a gamer community 'event' in which gamers play four games in February. I'm sure if I marathoned the one I'm playing, I might have been able to participate. But with the new internship and the fact that I don't game as much as I used to, I just wasn't able to do it this year.

The name of game I'm playing is Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES. I've been wanting to play this game on my own time, and I finally got it from somebody a couple of weeks ago. Somewhere around that time anyway. I'm still pretty much in the beginning of the game, but I'm still going to talk about my personal experiences thus far. I'll be sure to do a follow up once I get the others (Shinjiro, Konomaru, Ken, and Aigis—oh yeah, I know the jump already).

The Social Links are the part that I dread about this game. What I believe is a good answer will disappoint or even piss off the person I'm talking to. Me saying "Hey, your leg is hurt. Maybe you should take the day off." will inspire anger in my companion and cause our whole relationship to sour! I can easily that this is the most exhausting part of the game. I would rather grind for hours on end than hold mixed conversations. It's really risky, especially without using a guide of any sort. But yeah, sometimes social linking is fun, especially when you find a character you really like.

Then you have the fighting system itself. I like the fact that you can change battle tactics while fighting. In Persona 4, you have the ability to change it between encounters, but I really don't like it that way. Some of the characters either seem really bland, are too over-the-top, or dry. I have some frustrations with the characters (especially the teachers!! Like, yo, shut up and teach!), but all of that aside, mid-early game, I'm really into it. I adore my teammates (for the most part. Shut up, Yukari), and I'm totally into some of the other characters I have social links with. Even if one of them would not shut up and let me sleep!!

When I get further in the game, I'll be sure to talk about more.

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