Sunday, January 27, 2013

Let's Talk Snacks.

Let's talk about things that are a little bit addictive while simultaneously somehow a little good for you. Just a little. Let's talk about Snack Well's. These are the white fudge drizzled caramel popcorn packs.

There are five packs per box. I took this picture about a week ago. We had three boxes left... but they're all gone now. So I can't give you any detailed food facts about this. Because of that, I'll just get straight to the taste. Snack Well's doesn't compromise the old school taste of caramel popcorn. The addition of white fudge seems like the perfect, smooth contrast to the sticky texture of caramel. It's easy to keep going back for more with this snack. Or maybe, it's just me and my lack of self-control when it comes to food.

If you're looking for a little treat for yourself, I would look out for Snack Well's. Make sure to take it all in stride; even if the calories are low, be sure that it'll make up for it in sugar and other less than good facts. Little by little, these snack packs stack up, but if you take care of yourself, these will be the perfect kick back snack.

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