Saturday, January 12, 2013

Let's Go Local: La Mongerie Bakery.

(credit to the bakery ohp)

Let me tell you about La Mongerie Bakery. Located in Midtown, this lovely bakery is an absolute must see. The first time I visited them was on Thanksgiving Day. My friend from Australia and I wanted to pick up a pie for my grandmother to enjoy. They had a couple of full pies on hand, but there was only one we ended up purchasing a chocolate pecan pie. It was a hefty pie and cost about twenty dollars. We didn't eat any ourselves, but everyone that did was up in arms about it. They kept asking me where did I buy this pie. They had to have it.

For our generous purchase (or maybe they were just feeling generous for the season), we were able to pick one free cupcake a piece. I ended up selecting one called "Blackout", and let me tell you. Chocolate on chocolate with a hint of chocolate. It was a complete overdose, and definitely not for the weak spirited. Honestly, it wasn't a bad experience. It was shocking, I assure you, but it lived up to its name one way or another. Be careful when eating it before you experience a blackout of your own.

The interior and atmosphere are beautiful. I'm a little ashamed that I don't have any saved on my camera or on my mobile. (I thought I did!) Trust me when I say that this bakery has a perfect, immaculate French air. It's all so calming. I wish we had stayed longer to take a few interior shots. But their service was quick, and my mind—sadly—was slow.

If you are ever in Atlanta, make sure to stop by at La Mongerie Bakery. They have two different locations, but I went to the one on Ponce de Leon. Be sure to visit their web site. Tell 'em GDR sent ya.

La Mongerie Bakery & Bistro
265 Ponce De Leon Atlanta, GA 30324
Click below for a few food photos!

Bon appétit.

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