Sunday, January 20, 2013


Let me tell you about Codecademy. (That's "Code" and "cadaemy", no "A" in between.)

I make web sites in my infrequent spare time. I know my CSS and my HTML, but I've always been stumped by the rules of Javascript and API. So I went looking for some codes and tutorials to try them out on my own. In my search, I stumbled across a place that promised to teach me everything for free. At the time, I bookmarked it, signed up, and promised myself to take some time out of my day and find out what it was about. I never looked back. Well, not quite never.

About three days ago, I set myself on a learning binge. I went ahead and learned all the basics of web design in one day. And I tackled a good few lessons of Javascript. I'm learning a lot.

The site keeps track of your personal score, your learning streak (I'm currently holding a two day streak), and what lessons you're learning.

You also have a chance to earn badges and join groups. The site also keeps track of your recent activity. Why? I'm not too sure, but this site is thorough when it comes to covering the coding basics of anything you need to learn. Because of that, I believe it's definitely worth a shot. It can help you dip your toes into intimidating languages, like Ruby and Python, so if you ever want to branch out to other web sites, you at least know how to start.

Looks like I need to continue my streak before I lose my groove! Be sure to check out Codecademy, my coding pros and beginners.

Visit Codecademy, sign up, and learn a few things.

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