Sunday, July 07, 2013

Let's Explore the Galaxy [Tights on eBay]

I didn't get to talk about this one in previous reviews or include it in my eBay haul post, but I feel as though I left this out unintentionally for a specific reason. For me, finding things I enjoy fashion wise and can afford is difficult for a number of reasons. Because of that, I usually end up browsing the latest trends, hoping I can do something whimsical and explore different styles while waiting for an opportunity to get what I really want. This time around, I went for 2013 Galaxy Tights, which I bought from taoqigger on eBay.

Look how pretty these things are. I was really excited to get my own pair (for a whooping $6.55, wow~), and the results were, well. Let's go under the covers and chat.

This photo shows off the design of the tights. They're really nice to look at, aren't they? Okay, at least I think so. The exterior isn't incredibly soft to the touch, but it's nice and smooth. This isn't the true colour, and I sort of wish that it was. This looks much nicer than the actual hue.

Getting the true colour on camera is a little more difficult, but at least you get to see the digital print of the stars/'galaxy'. Not nearly as impressive up close/staring directly at it. At least on this side.

Those are the few goods I have to say about the tights. Now moving onto the bad, let's start with the feel again.

The interior is off white and when I wear it, my legs feel like they're on fire. It's a horrible, grainy feeling that makes my legs feel several kinds of terrible. The inner seams rub my legs the wrong way, and I don't even like pulling them on. Speaking of the seams.

This is the underside of the crotch area. The stitching is awful and the inner seams down to the inner thigh are visible. The hem stitching is messy at best, and the white stitching is once again visible down by the ankles. The interior seams, not pictured, are wide and uncomfortable. As stated, they rub against my leg and just make being in them an uncomfortable adventure.

(true colour)

The stitch is perhaps the biggest problem with this garment. I'm more afraid it's going to rip apart at the crotch and the ankles than anything else. This is what the bottom hem on the inside looks like. It looks similar to this on the interior waist.

I'm not a tailor or a [cosplay] costume maker, so there's no way I could pull this apart and redo this. If I tried, I'm afraid I'll make it worse than what it already is. I'd be willing to sell (or even give this away) to someone who could turn this bad boy around. If at all possible. I won't be buying another galaxy tight product from them, and this encounter was enough to discourage me from buying a similar product in the future.


  1. homg these are fabulous n__n <3
    ty for sharing

    gahhh pity the sewing isn't that good :(

    1. They look nice in person, but there's so much about it that's uncomfortable.
      Oh well, can't say I didn't try, right?


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