Friday, July 12, 2013

This Old Tech: iPad vs. Nextbook

My dad is a really great guy. We're not incredibly well-off, and my dad utilizes HSN and QVC like a pro at this rate. He discovers reselling websites and gets into beneficial situations more often than not. Even though it's hard to buy luxurious things, it's nice to see new technology in our hands. Though most likely when I asked where he got the item, the answers' usually either "QVC" or "the pawn shop". Gotta love the pawn shop.

One of the things I was given, fresh product, was a Nextbook. It's been a few years since I got mine, so I can't show the original box it came in or anything like that. I have an older model of the Nextbook, and I'm sure that it's much better right now.

I thought it was alright as far as functionality. I just wanted it to keep track of any conventions, make some small notes, and just do XYZ minor task for me. I don't even use my iPad for much because I'm not an inherently busy person, and downloads aren't as inciting to me as they used to be in the past. My main problem with my Nextbook tablet was that it froze for everything. It slowed down and the individual processor would crash on me. I would have to restart the tablet with the tiny reset button. And it was absolutely aggravating. It didn't happen enough to make me give it up and outright return it, but it happened to a point where it made using it a grating effect.

My Nextbook was an Android operated device, and yet I couldn't download anything to it. I couldn't get really cool apps on it or necessary apps. I could get third-party knockoffs that made the overall unit slow and unbearable. I'm not sure how Nextbook works now, but I liked it enough to almost want to use it again. But honestly, unless I get the Nextbook free, I don't see myself actually going out and buying it. And because of my experiences with my Nextbook, I won't go on a limb and tell anyone to go buy it or try it either. It's just one of those things where I'm just like "It's there if you want to try it", but I can't say much good or much bad about it.

With my iPad, it's been a great help for me. Since I'm a primarily Mac user, a lot of the apps are redundant to me. Even within the iPad, there are repetitive apps that I can't remove. For me, I don't need a "to do list" and a "notes" app. I just don't. And I don't run into my iPad crashing or freezing up on me. The problem I encounter the most is how quickly my battery dies even though I use less than 1GB of space on it. I don't even download a lot of music despite the 300+GB of music I have on my Mac.

Between the two products, I'm more likely to use my iPad for mobile productivity than I would my Nextbook if it somehow revived. The iPad has cleaner looks, downloading applications is easier, and the unit processor isn't likely to crash on me as hard or as often as my Nextbook would have. That thing, the Nextbook, is dead and gone. I'm not sure how it frizzled out, but I don't miss it too much to be honest. What's sad to say is that I don't miss my Nextbook; I was in no way inconvenienced by its premature shut down. However, if I lost my iPad right now, I would be a little frustrated.

Note: I got my Macbook Pro by fortune; this is a hand-me-down, and my iPad was a sending off present before I left for Indiana. I'm not a super hard core Apple fan, but I appreciate the differences between Mac and Windows, or Apple and Android very very much to deviate and experience those different operating systems. In doing that, I've become frustrated with the development for Apple products, but that's a different story entirely.

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