Monday, July 08, 2013

GDR Book Club. Grey Is...

I've been reading Grey Is... since it first came out, and I've loved it every step of the way. I've shown Dee nothing but my absolute support and with a few other people, helped her improve the first few chapters before releasing for print. She's a talented author who takes any real issues and carries them beautifully from chapter to chapter.

One of the things that I respect about Grey Is... is the raw brutality of it all. These past few years, I've witnessed a very sensitive/"politically correct" world that is too afraid to be adventurous. More than that, I've seen people take an issue and mock it or try to make it artistic and ended up being a mockery. Or worse, I encounter too many people who do things for shock value accompanied with little knowledge of the situation.

Within Grey Is..., there are some extreme triggers within it, namely self-harming and mental instability. Being a victim of the second, I can honestly say that I find comfort and understanding when the topic is brought up (either directly through dialogue or scene narrative). There's no insensitivity; there's no careful tip-toeing, trying to make sure no one's feelings are hurt. This is a raw, beautiful handling of real life issues told from the perspective of someone who suffers from it.

I don't believe Dee herself has gone through the trials that her characters face, but she illustrates each gorgeous detail wonderfully. Another thing I respect are the male main characters Black and White. While I read and enjoy same sex romance stories, this takes it to a different level and reminds us that caring about someone doesn't necessarily include romance. Take it all at face value. They're two male friends who have been through thick and thin together that is until one of them disappears. There's nothing inherently romantic about them, and I love and respect that about Dee's work.

It's a heart-wrenching tale for a variety of reasons. Grey Is... has been and still is one of my most favourite works of all time, and I will always stand beside Dee and her work 100%. She has worked hard on this modern day masterpiece.

If you would like to read Grey Is..., please head over to the official web site. Please note that Grey Is... carries some heavy themes and does not sugarcoat a single bit of it. If any part of it makes you uncomfortable, don't feel obligated to continue reading. If you can, enjoy the comic and pass it along.

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