Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Happy New Cosplay

As some of you might have known and as all of you might have guessed, I like cosplay. I like seeing cosplay, critiquing cosplay, planning for it, and all. I just really like the idea and aspect of it, and the fact that people have gone from mere hobby to professional grade is also impressive to me. For me, it's something I enjoy but am really reluctant to do. However, I'm pretty okay at closetplay. One of my newest ventures is this guy:

(courtesy of qtpiecaps)

Yup, the kouhai-touching, sister con, middle child of the Nase family: Hiroomi Nase from KnK.

And as I've stated before, the show itself plateaued for me, but the characters were overall really well-written, interesting, and dynamic. Again, this is another show where I pretty much liked every single person. And Hiroomi goes beyond that exception. Serious though he is, when he needs to be, his day-to-day is actually, well, pretty much a goofy teenager.

One of the things I absolutely admire about him is his excellent taste in scarves, and I, also being a scarf enthusiast, decided to buy his mostly for fashion purposes (strangely enough cosplay came as an after thought once I got it).

This is the scarf. It's folded up twice. It's relatively long; I'm not entirely sure of its length, but here's how it fits on me (and wrapped).

Look at this! The fiber is acrylic, and it feels amazing to the touch. It's pretty thin, so it's definitely more of a fashion/cosplay scarf as it has no real protection in the chilly wind. (I'm tempted to test that though while the wind chill is fair.)

Another look at the knitwork.

Again, I'm incredibly impressed at the quality. It was pretty cheap (a solid $9.99 with free shipping), and it got here faster than I expected it to. I actually forgot about it on top of that, so it was a pleasant surprise. It's thin, but the knitting is actually pretty solid. Even still, I'm trying not to be too ambitious with it because it's not as thick or heavy as my other scarves.

However, I do recommend this for any of your purposes (cosplay, fashion, what have you). I wish I wish they made these in the other styles he has. I would gladly pay for that to be made, if I possibly could. I'm pretty antsy about his yellow and black one as well. If you or someone you know is good with a needle, let me know, ahahaha.

Check out Kyoukai no Kanta as it actually is a pretty good anime, save its slow plateau and ending. If you want me to do a full review on that, hey, let me know. If you're interested in this scarf however, you can check out the listing here. Be sure to browse the seller's store for more, and remember: tell 'em GDR sent ya.

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