Friday, February 07, 2014

JetPens Once Again!

Happy Jan—oof, February. New Year's Day came and went. My birthday, fun as it was, came and went. Where has time gone? January was a really shaky month for a variety of reasons, but let's just say this time I'm back! I bought something that I desperately needed to greatly help my organizational skills. As you've guessed, I've bought from JetPens.

I know that I could have bought highlighters from literally anywhere, but it's usually the same few colours. Even if I find them in smaller sizes, they won't be small enough for my planners. That and I'm not too fond of the colour choices. Too bright! And I prefer those more convenient-to-buy highlighters and using them on printed text for paperwork or something more official. These highlighters are mine, personal, and more relaxed. That's the type of feel they give off to me, ahahaha.

This is the haul in total! I bought new highlighters and more Maica pens in different colours. I needed them, the pens, pretty badly because normal pens are too cumbersome for my planners (not so much for the Alice in Wonderland planner though).

Now let me explain this colour test!

The first five are the Zebra Mildliner highlighters. They're double sided as well. The left showing a squiggle of the broad side and the right written with the finer side. Where it says "mintish blue-green", you can clearly see it's more of a green colour, but when you're swiping/writing, it's the only one I have where it goes on bluish and dries to its true colour. That's why I just said it's blue-green despite its final colour actually being a mint green. They are truly soft to apply. There's no problem, but it does have a heavy build up at about two-ish layers, so be careful to watch out for bleeding.

The next six are the Pilot Hi-Tec-C Maica Gel Pens, which I am in love with. They go on as smoothly as the first pen I bought, which was the Maica Black, which is why I noted that this current black is my second one. Nothing new to report with these. I'm glad for the vibrancy, the drying power, and the ease to write. You could see the black gave me a bit of trouble to start off, but it went on as easily as the others. I rather do like the red, orange, and green. Sidebar: it's about time to change my handwriting again. I just have no inspirations. I'll have to study up more before I try to change my style.

Finally, the last two highlighters I bought to even out my cart total. They're Monami Essenti Soft Highlighters in Pastel Green and Pastel Blue. Unlike the Zebra Mildliners, they're not double sided, but they're the only ones out of the entire haul that have clip-on tops. If I'm to be completely honest, their application is softer and smoother than the Mildliners. I noticed it with the pastel green that, while it's easier to write with the other highlighters, actually using the broad tip doesn't require much hand adjustment. It's just a singular smooth process. I do like it a lot.

Overall, once again, I'm incredibly pleased with my purchase. Once I'm more organized and/or have gone through my current notebooks, I plan on going back to them. There's a special something I have my eyes on. In any case, I hope January and February have been better to you than they have for me. Let's keep going forward and enjoy 2014.

Til next time.

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